Thank you for this awsome game

I’m playing this game every single day and i’m satisfied, so good job:). However, i have a dream… to own this months hero, Seshat. Any chance that my wish came true? :slight_smile:
Continue with the good thinks.
Thank you


Yes, there is a chance to make your dream come true: dumping in $100 and do 300 pulls :laughing:

Glad that you are enjoying the game!


Emphasis on chance. Lol.


Yes. Exactly 1.3% chance.


Tragically, you have those numbers backward :confounded:


Why wish for one Seshat when you can wish for 2! One for you and one for me :sunglasses:

Thanks in advance buddy. And i hope you get it!


I’m hoping for her too, so make that wishing for 3 lol! This game is taunting me with 5* purples. I have 2 accounts: My main has 13 tabards and no 5* purples (not even the worst ones). Meanwhile, my other account pulled Hel with Atlantis coins, and got Sartana and Quintus from TC20, one after another! Buuuuuuut, I only have 3 tabards on that account :frowning:. Maybe Atlantis will be kind to me later this month, plus scoring Seshat :grin:


WOW HOLY COW where do you get that deal?? $100 gives me 10000 gems witch nets me LESS that 40 draws

Actually, I was only using random numbers as an example to illustrate that if you wish to get heroes fast, you’d better be prepared to spend a lot of money.

I myself am a F2P. I never bought any deal so I actually do not know the standard price for gems… :rofl:

I love this game too @Zigler, thanks for your comment!

It’s really hard to pull her but hey! the chance is there! A small one but there is a chance. Never stop believing.

Good luck on your pulls

I did a 40x pull. No Seshatt. Want meant to be :pensive:

Actually, it’s a really nice game. But imbalance and injustice in the game have peaked. Some players, however, have their hands full of heroes of every month, while some players like us, no matter how much diamond you use 3 star herod is nothing. This is one of the minds of some players knowing that the game admins are using tolerance. Because the rise of some players means competing for others and using diamonds … As long as these injustices continue like this, you will be the losers again.

Why not three and one for me! Haha. Good luck for the pulling, guys!

being precise for 100 EUR which is about 120 USD you have 30 pulls,
for free you can receive from SG 3 pots of small mana :sweat_smile:

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