Thank you for telling us whats going on 😄

There have been frustrating times for all of us the last week or 2 for both players and devs.

It is really nice to see swift handling and comunication about an unfortunate, but unforseen problem. It really does help when everyone knows what is going on :smile:

And a quick thank you for the hard work that goes into developing new content for us to enjoy, we are all aware that things are not going as smoothly as you had hoped.



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I agree!!!


Finally a positive thread. I was also happily astonished that SG made their decision within 2 hours. Better stop immediately than to deal with 100 complains.
Also that they decided to give us compensation was a nice suprise.


This time i’m not so happy about it.

Making this decision when matchmaking was already settled and without testing ANYTHING in beta after the raid tournament changes makes a really bad impression to me.

This is a company worth million dollars.
That’s not the attitude i would expect on a company worth million dollars.

You should really have better organisation.
Just saying.


I agree! The biggest complain about the first tournament was how long SG took to cancel it and the lack of communication. This time around they did exactly what was suggested: communication and fast action. And compensation!
I guess all we can do now is wait for the tournament and event! :smiley:


The problem ist that it cannot be tested in beta as we got no AW in there.


You think they cannot make it happen in beta if they want?

I see very superficiality in this.
They do not plan 2 steps ahead if not for business stuff.

They can easily predict something like this and act accordly.
They do not, and that’s something i expect from poor companies.

Waiting trouble to appear and then think about it.

Bof, not that i care much.
But that’s the feeling i have.

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I am not an expert but I don’t think this is how their beta works.
It is starting over and over again with every new update. You cannot envolve alliances for war with this model.
Cannot say if it would be feasable but AW is definitely not parts of beta recently.

Honestly opened this expecting a complaint thread.

Was looking forward to the War, but it won’t ruin my midweek. Would likely have been less excited had it cut out War midway through, so I’m glad they did it when they did.


Sorry to disappoint :wink:

I’m not happy about the war being cancelled or the glitchy start to the new tournament. But in a complex game based on a lot of code, sometimes things are going to go wrong. Fixing it is a nightmare, and predicting what will happen when code gets hit by a million + players is … complicated.

I believe that the Devs want it all to work every bit as much as we do. But I do think that complaint threads are encouraged when issues are not delt with swiftly, and the player base isn’t told what is supposed to be happening and when they might reasonably expect a fix.


I wanted to say thank you for the gift.


Well said mate. Communication really does side step unnecessary outrage. As a veteran of games like this, this sort of thing happens from time to time. It’s pretty much out of everyone’s control. I say that as someone who has done the screaming and shouting on forums with other games in the past over the same issue; it’s just part of games like this. No amount of beta testing can genuinely foresee every possible negative interaction with new lines of code being introduced into already in place code. If this was a single player game with occasional updates a couple of times through out the year, it would be different. This is a living, breathing ecosystem that is in a constant fluid state of change; bugs and unexpected anomalies are just part of the process for everyone.

Thanks for the communication Small Giant. I hope you are able to figure things out as soon as you are able. Try not to freak out too much on your end; you’re doing a fantastic job with a genuinely great game.


I did have AW in beta, and recently---- you just had to create or join an alliance to do so…granted this is on a much larger scale…I would rather they cancel war immediately then go through all the effort of coordinating attacks and then cancel halfway into it, so I am glad they did this quickly.

A work in progress, not costing me anything…… and I agree the more communication from devs the better.

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Also for me, I am happy to see that SG decided very fast to stop this war and even give compensation for this.
I see many complaint threads and am happy to see somebody beat me to it to open one that is positive.

Clear commication, swift action, I think there are a lot of companies that can take example in how SG solved this issue.

I hope we get the same opponent next time war will be done as we where looking forward to meet up with them and see who is the better alliance. I think this will not happen but maybe we are lucky :slight_smile:


Being a fellow software developer I know too well that unforeseen problem might arise, no matter how many tests you do.

Still SG is doing a great job nonetheless, I praise you for your work


Leider kann immer Mal was schief gehen und ich war beim letzten abgebrochenen Krieg ein wenig traurig, war einer meiner besten Angriffe. Aber mir macht das Spiel Freude und zum Thema Entschädigung - was müsste dann Microsoft zahlen - hier sind die Fehler viel heftiger und die Zahlen nichts, im Gegenteil, die verlangen noch was. Das Auffrischprogramm hat gerade mein Laptop auf ein Mobiltelefon reduziert;-(

author translated:
Unfortunately there is always a possibility that something there appears a software failure in a program. I was not happy about that, because in the canceled war I had my best result ever. But I am not looking for a compensation. Everybody makes sometimes a mistake and if E&P has to pay an adequate compensation (what ever adequate is) Microsoft and the real big player should start it, because their mistakes cost me really time and money and did they pay?