Thank you for listening, devs!

It can’t be easy to constantly listen to feedback, as developers. We appreciate you giving us an outlet to voice our concerns. Thank you for listening to us. Let us know how we can help. We want to help you continue to build an already great game!



<3 Thanks for being such a cool and fun community! Keep the feedback coming! :v:


I couldn’t agree more. You guys are great and have created a fun little game.


I totally agree…i love this game. It’s the first thing I did when I wake up and the last thing I do at night. Sometimes during the night haha.


I would also like to add; thank you for update 1.4, great additions. As well, thank you for the Gigantic Discount offer.
Hopefully there is something coming for those who did not receive this one.

One suggestion, your “Package Deals” need work, currently I can’t see the value in any of them.


I agree about a stellar update. I am enjoying playing with the new pieces and the correction in team power rating accuracy has been great! Nice work folks.


Just saying. The fact that there are so few posts on this thread even way back in June and nothing after that till date should convey something to SG, maybe on how peeps are feeling overall about what is being dished out or so :thinking:

As for me overall, Thanks to Devs. Happy for some things and not so much for other things like trickling rare ascension items etc. :sunglasses:

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Think it is partially due to the thread being snowed under a bit by other threads :wink:

I’ve seen other appreciation posts about newer updates (for example about the event specifically, or about lowering the price on flask offers).

Would like to say that the last 2 updates have by far been my favourite updates, with almost nothing i disliked in them - so very happy myself! :slight_smile:


Love the pumpkins and feel of the halloween special.

Like the special deal on gems that came with it, but not convinced to buy… fear my money will be wasted.

Don’t like the drop rates and the general meanness of the economy…

…but really like the game. (Have to end on the positive :wink: ).

(Work on loosening the purse strings on that economy and some innovation to prevent hero power inflation and you’ll have me as a fan for a whole lot longer.)