Thank you for ignoring us

There was a lot of complaints about last trial requirement for level 30. Yet, you do it again!
Some players below 30 do better than some over 30. Level doesn’t guarantee success but it helps discrimination.
Nice way to ignore us!


I obviously can’t speak to whether SG might change that at some point, but considering there hasn’t been a game update since that discussion started, I wouldn’t give up on the possibility they might reconsider at some point.

(@Kerridoc @Rook Possible Merge of Topic to Class quest level 30 requirement)


More time playing
Less time complaining

You’ll hit level 30 in no time


If you spend gems on world energy instead of summons, you level up pretty fast. :]


@Rigs can you please explain why you have this position and reply to all topics about it?

  1. You fear new players can’t beat the last stage. Thank you for your concern but we are grown up adults and we accept the risk.
  2. You want to slow down new players as much as possible so they will have hard time catching you up. Don’t you think it’s a bit pathetic?

Please explain me, I just want to understand why you are advocating against it so strongly.



Game makers make rules. Players play by the rules. If game makers changed every rule players complained about, the game would be broken and wouldn’t have made it past it’s first year.

When i started playing the game that was my 0 complaint zone. That’s when i spent time figuring out hero compositions, raid tactics, world map farming, and honestly i probably wouldnt even want to do the class quests if i was under level 30.

Level 30 has been playing what? 3 months.

Which 5* do they have in mind to use the emblems on?

Devs catch hell for everything they do no matter what.

If they were to cater to the whining about this rule, it wouldn’t change anything. It would just lead to more whining.

“They let us do expensive class quests, and i dont even have heros i want to use the emblems on”

“Level 50 players beat the quests much easier than us level 25s, you should nerf them to make them easier for everyone”

Blah blah blah

If players complained they should be able to skip all of season 1 and just play season 2, do ypu think that would be fair?

If players thought they should be able to beat 10* titans with 3* teams, do you think that would be fair?

E&P is a game of progression. As you progress, new challenges and rewards open up. This is just another part of that.

I’ve never just started playing a game and expect the game makers to overrule the rules they layed out to suit me.

I played by their rules.

2 types of players, those that conform to the rules of the game and do the best they can. Then there’s the type that expects the developers to bend over backwards and disregard their plans for the game in order to conform to a player. 1st group has been supporting the game for almost 2 years. 2nd group will rage quit within 6 months.

If a level requirement is your biggest complaint, there will be a lot more to follow before you just move on to a different game. I’ve seen it 100 times. New player comes in with a “I’m going to change the game to suit me instead of finding a game that suits me” attitude. They spend roughly 3 to 6 months, nitpicking and whining and suggesting bs ideas, then they just disappear and no one even remembers who they were.

I’m not threatened by new players at all. Couldn’t care less how quick or slowly they develop. People in my team aren’t whiners and those are the ones i focus on growth/development wise.

Level 4 req to join an alliance
Level 10 req to do quests(notice no one is complaining about that or the level 15 lol, just the level 16 to level 29 “experienced” players :roll_eyes: )

I don’t see anything wrong with it. I couldnt join an alliances under level 4, i assumed developers had a reason and i would join one when i could. Same way i treated the quests. But i definitely didnt hit a public forum and rant&rave about how “unfair this game is because they put a level requirement on a feature :tired_face:

That would be like expecting an alliance to lower their cup/tp reqs because you’re not strong enough to join, just utterly ridiculous.

Time&growth are major parts of this game. You either like it or you don’t. If you don’t, then just save us the time of reading your whines and move on sooner than later.

Another thing to keep in mind:

Developers usually keep a majority of players in mind. They collect data from every aspect of the game. If they can look at that data and feel it’s best for the majority of players under level 30 to wait to do the final stage of the class quest until they hit level 30, then they’re probably right. Players don’t make games, but they think they can do it better lol human nature i guess.

Devs think of the majority, players think of themselves, the 2 typically meet in the middle somewhere. Devs roll out rules they think will work for at least 60%+ of a specific player base, the other 40% are goin to be upset. Just the way it is.

Cant expect the majority to get screwed to favor the minority.

How many people in this forum are complaining about the level 30 requirement? How many players in the game aren’t complaining about it?

You’ll find the 1st group is much smaller than the 2nd and which shows SG should leave it the way it is.


Still doesn’t make it fair :wink:

It’s fair. I didnt play the quest before i was under level 30. No one else is either.

If a level 29 player was playing the quest and another level 29 player couldn’t, that would be unfair. If neither can play it, that is fair by definition.

No one under level 30 has played the last level of the quest. 100% fair.

Just because a rule doesn’t favor you, doesnt mean it’s unfair.


Actually, this is one of the best pro f2p, c2p measures ever! SG, I don’t recognise you!


People are just turning into trools , after all this are the times of Trooling , Some people are thick as …, Probably if everyone could acces it next complain would be , oooo is to strooong , unfair , pls make it eazyer to pass it,

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I shall refer to #RC830

20 flags


ironically speaking: it helps you a p2w player be like me a f2p player for once in all the gaming industry around? :thinking: = “not discriminating”


I will say it again: nobody is asking for an easier challenge, just to be able to try regardless of the level.
Same for every single feature of the game. A lvl5 player can join a strong alliance and fight lvl11 titans, it’s their choice to stay there or find an alliance with challenges more suited for their actual strenght. Everybody can choose freely how to play the game and that’s great!
Now that’s why me and many other people can’t understand at all the reason of this wall.

This game is a bit more complex than other mobile games but still we are not talking about advanced fluidodynamics. How long does it take an average person (like me, for example) to read guides, watch videos and understand how it works? I would say a week or two, no more.
So please stop with the attitude ‘you are new and naive, so shut up’. I’d like to talk in a mature and constructive level, thanks.


Quests don’t open up until level 10

Where is your complaint about that?

If your complaint is actually about “fairness” and “equal opporunity regardless of playing time” then you would have been ranting that players under level 10 can’t do any quests.

Instead you’re ranting about this 1 because you want the rule to bend in your favor.

Shows true intention which isn’t for the good of the game but your own personal agenda


There is no need for personal attacks when @Rigs and others have tried to help with your “complaint”.

As for reading guides, etc it will take.less than a week.

I’ve been playing for a year now and it wasn’t until 5mths in I realised I wasn’t getting anywhere fast. I took the plunge and joined the forums, read guides, blah blah blah.

Now I can complete ALL quests/events, consistently get into top 100 with raids, etc etc

I’d suggest taking a step back, revisit your thread and actually take on board some advice given here by other members of this forum.

Peace out


For the OP…


Don’t worry, I’m not attacking anyone even if I feel like I am from the last reply of @Rigs.

Again, I can’t stand walls. Anywhere, of any kind.
I like challenges, I like to have the opportunity to try and fail and fail again, if necessary, getting better each time, learning from my own mistakes.
So yes, even lvl10 wall should go. I didn’t see it because my level is higher.

Anyway, like in previous posts, it feels like it’s me against him. I propose to not intervene anymore and see what other people think about it, ok?


I’ll do ya one better.

@Sara @Petri @mhalttu

Anyway you guys could provide some insight behind the reasoning for the level 30 requirement for the last stage of the class quest?

Without being an employee, i can only provide speculations of your reasoning.

Been a complaint by a handful of people for a few days now. Would like to squash it and move on to new complaints.


What kind of house do you live in then?

I like mental walls, especially the ones that prevent us from saying completely ridiculous things…


Lol that literally made me laugh out loud

Thanks for that

I doubt styrge liked it. But even if it had been directed at me i would have got a good laugh out of it


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