Thank you for extra quest

Thanks SG for leaving the Extra rare quest, Shrikewood in our socks


Shrikewood did came early, some two-three days earlier but I doubt it’s a extra rare quest - anyone has confirmation on this, will we see another rare by end of the week?

It was suppose to come on the 25-27 so I think it’s not a Christmas present


It may not be an “extra” rare quest, but I think this is at least the third rare quest in a row that came on the early side of average.

Actualy it should have come on 27th…

Hopefully next one comes until the end of the year.

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I don’t think will come but we will see

As a gift… As the rewards are free on 31st

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The Rewards from the 31 are the 3 flasks

I think it came a few days early because they didn’t want it to coincide with Atlantis. Then you would have to choose where to use the energy and you would hear complaints.

Man you are really great helper :hugs:

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Tonic and shield acquired very happy now I can do final ascension on two nature heroes :rofl:

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My Lianna still needs one more tonic! :sob:


My tonics still need a Lianna :sob:


It’s the last tonic I need for my Lianna :slight_smile:


I added it to my fund for the wellbeing of thirsty Liannas. Four more required, all donations welcome. :wink:

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My Tonics and my Lianna need gloves :sob:


7 days between rare quests is wuick

Go check out the quest calendar for the last week of December last year.

Staff gave a little extra juice to the rare quest generator last year. I’m hoping they do so again!


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