Thank you everyone


Your advice was greatly appreciated


did you convert one of your iron storages to a barracks? You used to be able to do that…unfortunately that would lock you out. You need to convert the barracks back to iron storage and use a different building for barracks.


I’m assumimg your 2200k is a typo as 2200k is more than enough as upgrade costs 1073k.

I just can’t figure out what your total was supposed to be


Yeah its a typo…I just need to covert the troops building. Thank u for responding


Based on the screenshot you shared which shows you have 188k iron stored and only shades in a small fraction of your meter, I’d say that you truly DO have 2200k in available iron storage. 2200k = 2,200,000 iron, or more than twice the required iron cost of upgrading to level 16.


I did convert the building I forgot about that…it was such a while ago…thank u for the advice…I better get upgrading again I think it was only level 5


and sadly, you’ll need to start over using a forge for your barracks.


Yeah I know its sucks thanks for being cool…I can’t believe I forgot I converted my building how silly of me…after its done upgrading I should be able to upgrade it


Thank you for your input could u plz tell me how to delete this since I already got an answer