Thank you everyone want to thank you

I really want to thank everyone for all the help I get ,still learning I’m in a great alliance now great full for all your help


I think it’s the first time I’ve ever seen someone so well-meaning :slight_smile:

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I the Costume Sumoning gate hose away & you didn’t collect your chest rewards do they come back when the gate comes back? I feel like an idiot my first gate

I’m not 100% certain but I know the number of summons in the chest sticks around so maybe?

Even of your chest is half full it be half full next time :+1:
If your chest is full and don’t collect they send you loot i got rings from atlantis once when I didn’t open it was like where they come from? Haaha.

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Hey thank you very much I really appreciate all the feed back thank you

I have Boldtusk, my costume roster shows all I have is 1 costume.but all 5 have grey masks 1 has yellow friend said I have 6 costumes. lm at SH 15. Dose it mean that I can put his costume on any Boldtusks . Please help still learning.

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MissCat everyone is supposed to be respectful in life but in the game also alot of people don’t have patience or don’t care, I really like this game. Changed my name to Frosty. Love Christmas.please look at me new guestion . Tried to make a new post but the game won’t let me or I am doing something wrong

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Yes, Martin: in fact, one costume is enough to level up all your Boldtusks in Costume Mode. I have two Rigards with maxed Costumes, for example, and I took the “other” Rigard costume and used it to level up another hero’s costume. When you level a costume, you have the option to do this with heroes or costumes, and the game is thoughtful enough to not let you feed ALL your copies of a costume into training a costume, so you’ll always have at least one left (which is sufficient).


You only need one copy of a costume, and with that one copy you can level up as many versions of the costume as you have heroes. So here, it sounds like you are saying you have 5 copies of Boldtusk. The one with the gold mask has had his costume leveled up to a point where the hero is receiving a costume bonus. The other 4 copies of boldtusk have not had the costume leveled up. You can level the costume version on each hero, but you need to do it separately for each hero.

Also you don’t need to max your duplicate costume heroes unless if you are going to put emblems on them. A 4/1 boldtusk is enough to max the costume for example. Cause the regular is on the final ascension.

I got all my Boldtusks from the Costume port hole, but I used all the costumes to leavel my 1st one it shows I have 5 . I can leavel all of them when I click on them but when I click on The 1 with the gold mask. The rest say all ready to on your team thank you

I asked My Alliance leader he says I have six bolds

Oh I had 3 people respond to this post. When I click on my Boldtusks. It says already in in my team. So I can’t use the others to leavel thank you for your help

Thank you so much for your help.I know I will get it. Just frustrating when I don’t understand

Thank you everything I learn really helps

Thank you for your help Just so you know. I really like war. I try to win every battle.if I can help my team. I will. Sir Eric is awesome. Thanks again. Look forward to seeing you in war lol. Maybe loose maybe win never know. May the tiles be with you.

What other reds do you have …5 boldtusk is alot to lvl up if new to the game especially if your mats haven’t accumulated yet

Can’t figure out how to do a screenshot here or I would. I have to go look write them down brb.

Bottom right when making a post you’ll see the button that looks like a mountain and a sun in a box tap that to post a pic

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