Thank you E&P!


A long time ago one of the devs had messaged me and asked if they could send me a little gift as a thank you for being active. I had played many games similar to this and never once had that ever happened so I was pretty surprised. I did give the info and such, but after awhile I had kind of forgotten about it. I even quit after some personal things came up and an update that was rather upsetting to me dropped all at the same time, so of course I really wasn’t expecting anything. I have since come back started playing and being active again because hey, the players I’ve met along the way are great. Today when I checked my mail I had a package from Finland. I was pretty confused because I can’t recall doing much online shopping lately but it was from Small Giant. One of a kind, devs. Truly thank you. There are not many games out there that listen to players or do things like this. I’m happy to be back and playing again and appreciate the postcard, stickers, and t-shirt :slight_smile:


Can anyone tell me how to make new threads, I’mnew just made an account


Top right where it says New Topic :slight_smile:


___________Thank you!