Thank God they are bringing back Wilbur's buff lol

Yep this is so disappointing, I loved Wilbur when I got him because he distributed damage among enemies, I was so excited to get him and loved using him you guys really bummed me out… BUT I just learned they are bringing it back thank God because Wilbur is awesome…he is excellent for raids and wars…I got tarlack too and the buff stacking is phenomenal!!!

No need to post on every category about Wilbur.

Go read the thread kerridoc posted a bit further please.

I wasn’t sure if it would get answered relax and I’m trying to erase this now because I saw that they are changing it back

You should relax too. :smile:

I am was just trying to figure out what’s going on don’t worry about me. And I posted on 2 threads not all of them. I never come on here I wasn’t sure if it would get seen, and I corrected it lol

Also obviously excellent for farming and regular game play, I guess Titans too because of the defense buff… Wow he is an all around awesome hero…I thought he might be too good to be true so I thought they were taking that buff away for good…lol