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THANK YOU SG! :blush:

I really appreciate it when you listen to us, the gamers :wink:


Absolutely agree with you. Great rewards in the Xmas Event and I also liked that the last few levels were rather challenging also for experienced and advanced players. I enjoyed to actually play the levels and think of strategies. Thank you, SGG :+1:
Hopefully, the regular quests (find recruits, find gems, etc) also get buffed in a similar way–at least for the advanced players.

OH, and also it would be great if the other seasonal events also got 24 stages each and rewards like in the Xmas Event :slight_smile:


Totally agree, fun event…had to flee last stage…got it the second time. Great rewards…thanks SG,!


Doubt they Nerf loot in other ways most the loot is farm able. SG genuinely wants to make players happy, just we ask for to much sometimes. I mean that goes for any game from world of warcraft to empires and puzzles. We sometimes ask for to much or for something we don’t really want. Its a balancing act.

Way better reward than usual. Totally worth the flags to finish both normal and advanced. Mystic rings and Telescope in one event. Great stuff. Wtg SG.

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I am almost certain that things will become this way for all the seasonal challenges. Makes players know that it is worth it to fight for the rewards :slight_smile:

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