Text warning for leveling heroes

In the troop section you have the warning that troops used to train will be retired permanently.

I think the same warning would be appropriate in the hero training box.

When I was a new player I fed Bane to a 1 or 2* hero. I was asked if I really wanted to do this but the consequences were not clear. I think fewer people would make the same mistake I did if the admonition of permanent loss were statedas clearly as it is in the troop section.

Thanks for your consideration.

It is clear that Bane is high rarity.

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Yes, now that I know that training with heroes makes them go away forever. However as a brand new player training with a high rarity hero only made it sound like a better thing to do.

Sounds stupid? Maybe, but there are an awful lot of people out there that trained eating a Bane.

The troop warning is much clearer, and just might be the difference between another long time player/customer and someone who realizes the messed up, can’t undo it and quits.