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I know about colours, but can we change text in a different way? I’ve seen bigger font in alliance description, but cannot find any topic about it. What code do we use for bold text or bigger font?

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Bold Text is surrounded by ** these ** symbols (no spaces)

Italics Text is surrounded by _ these _

I don’t know the symbols for larger font. So far it has seemed relegated to the Devs posts. :wink:

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Thank you a lot!! I tried, but doesn’t work… you just type text? It
doesnt work for me :frowning:

Yes, it did work. Bold is fairly subtle! Italics are easier to see. Note that you can access these in the tools across the top of the edit box.

I like the auto-indent features.

  • Start a line with asterisk and space,
  • then the next line with another asterisk and space, and so on.
  • Leave a blank line to finish the list

Numbered lists are also easy:

  1. Start a line with “1. “
  2. Add lines also starting with “1. “
  3. Leave a blank line to finish the numbered list

The little upload icon in the toolbar is needed to upload pics or video.



I think Amhel is asking this regarding the ingame chat, not the forum. Hence the ‘chat’ tag. And maybe a reason for the ‘doesnt work for me’ response.


Yes, I’m asking about ingame chat. So sorry if was not clear…

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Oh my apologies. To my knowledge, I’ve only seen color changes in in-game Chat, not Bold/Italics etc.

(I don’t typically recommend colors, except for recruitment ads…and test them first so you don’t end up with a post of eye-bleedy colors.) :wink:

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This. And thank you for my very tolerant alliance fellows for letting me test in alliance chat and not throwing me out.

P.S. Though I did use color when the Philadelphia Eagles’ quarterback caught a pass in the end zone. :joy:


Hello! Where is the best place to “test” your ad? (Other than with my alliance.)

Alas there is no place to test it without it being seen, so either a forgiving alliance, or throw it into the open in AR.

You can individually test colors beforehand and keep track of the numbers that aren’t too dark or too eyebleedy.


Sorry for digging out this thread, but my google search brought me here.
Does anyone know how to set larger font in alliance desctiption? Not the chat, the actual description, like on my pic?

Nevermind, I figured it out myself :stuck_out_tongue:

Share! :grin:

(20 characters)

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To change font size you have to type [%xxx] where xxx is percentage of size ([%100] is default size, [%50] half size, [%200] double etc. Of course you can mix different sizes in one description, just like colors.


Yes, please, share it with us! How to do it?

See his last post above.

EDIT: Here is our banner. The first part is [%175], the rest [%125]:



Nope, the % goes first, then number :slight_smile:


Ah okay! I edited above, giving our banner as a sample. I wish it wasn’t so crowded against our alliance name, but oh well!

Yeah, I’m playing around tryong to find a way to place the text a little lower, but so far I only figured that the tag [#!] makes the text red without the need to input color code :wink:


Only works on alliance banners?

The size etc changes in the input field, but when posted its formatted back to original size when posting in the rooms. On android at least

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