Testing my first post

@Fizban :slight_smile: :smile::laughing:


Well, good for you. I can’t post at all. I can REPLY to posts, but not compose a post. What’s the solution to this anyone? Is there a waiting period?

Welcome to the forum @Perro!! Well done BTW. Also all the newer members who posted after!

Just a few posts above your posting you’ll see that Zephyer answered the question you’re asking.

I’ve copied the link here

It takes a while before you can actually make posts, but in the meantime you can browse all of the other posts

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Thank you :grinning:

Welcome @Yifatc!!! :bouquet:


:heart_decoration:thank you , great to be here


How can I find player? Ive lost maybe best player in whole game :frowning:

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