Testing Miriam Midnight + 2 x Alucad Def

VID link below. Some of these defense teams are getting a bit difficult to beat. I quite like the challenge, this is a great defence.
But…this power creep has all happened in just the last 4 weeks

Someone joked recently about the next hero doing 1 million damage and stealing all your gems, that is ridiculous of course… That won’t happen for at least another 3 months. :laughing:


Kill them before they can charge if you’re lucky is my strategy :laughing: :four_leaf_clover:

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I’ve been testing it for my regular defense just out of curiosity. It’s been holding 2700+ cups for over a week now even when I log off from top 100.

Pretty sure some people are testing out attack teams but still surprised that it’s holding up.

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Just keep in mind the more people that put these new heroes in their defense the more likely they are to get nerfed.

Theyl be putdated in a month or so and new problem heros will emerge.