Test your defense team and your alliance members defense team

This feature occurs in for example : King of Thieves.
Being able to test your own defense without rank points or loot should be possible. you could also use it to kill time since half The time atleast you are just waiting for your energy.

Is Hel better than Justice in The middle? I wouldnt know cuz i cannot try it out

And to be able to try out alliance members defense would also be Nice mainly for The fact that we only kill titans together, we could give eachother help through trying out instead of guessing based on a picture with stats

That is all, thank you for reading!


I really like this idea. Would Def be a great addition to the game.

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I really like this idea but I think we should have the ability to search for someone and raid them without gaining any ham, steeles or cup.

Internal raids cost nothing and reward nothing but training experience.

Why just internal…we should have an unranked match with anyone. lose nothing and gain nothing.

That’s an unfair advantage to be able to raid your enemies freely in order to learn how to beat them and then use a raid energy to win. That idea would be seriously abused. Too many turds out there to use that system honestly.


This is a great idea, maybe we could use our new loot tickets for this. Internal alliance only. Maybe we could develope a way to bet crafting items or even dare I say ascension items for the win

I would say can only test vs you alliance members only

I was just hoping that they could do this. Unranked raids would be cool too, but if you can choose from anyone, yes, it could be abused. Alliance based is better. Betting ascension mats is a good idea too since so many people want trading already.

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