Terrible matchmaking in alliance wars!

Why are we matched against teams that we could never possibly beat? I thought the new war alliance update was suppose to fix this problem. We only have 4 members over 3000 power, yet the team we are matched against for this war has 20 over 3000 power. Their lowest level player is 2400 power, where we have 14 players under 2400, which makes them easy targets for quick points. We even have members that are not even qualified for war due to their low level. So, how is this a fair matchup??? This happens to us twice every week!
The fairest way to do these alliance wars would be to add up all of the players actual levels, and divide it by the # of players on the alliance. The only advantage then would go to the players that worked hard to increase their power vs. their level.

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Agreed that you are putting the fighters and players with 1000 points ahead try attacking sets your defense is going to be demolished and then you are getting killed by the players and counter attacking

The same problem exists with us. We are 3 members in the alliance and we want to fight against an alliance with 6 members who fight more. The forces ratio is so different that you can not win the war.