Terrible Loot since last 2 weeks

Am I the only one or are the mission chests giving less and less loot these past few weeks? My last monster chest yielded just a couple of thousand food and iron and one gem, nothing else. Are the Devs holding out till the Atlantis Event or is there a bug?

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Wanted chests are usually mediocre. The elemental ones are the good ones, that’s why you fill the chests in hopes that you get an elemental one.

The monster chest particularly is pretty mediocre most of the time. I wouldn’t expect much from that one.

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No, you are not alone. Unfortunately

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True. But even an elemental chest can be abysmal. My alliance mate only got two pairs of tall boots from a fire chest, along with other low-level crafting materials. That’s right, the only ascension materials he got from a fire chest were two pairs of tall boots.

yeah that happens, I know the feeling all too well. The lord RNGesus decided recently that I needed some mediocre loot from loot tier 10 after killing a titan:

I don’t expect to get mats all the time, but I also hoped for better stuff than 2 minor potions lol.

But you gotta accept that there is a luck element and hope for the best next time.

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I have 2 months or more to get 4* materials from anywhere,the half of my alliance want to leave tha game because of lack of materials, from everywhere we got only herbs and minor potions.No you are not alone dont worry :slight_smile:

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I was having terrible luck with chest loot until today, 2 trap tools, Warm cloak along with the usual trainer, loot tickets and gems.

It comes in waves, you were stuck in the soup, so to speak. Hopefully soon your up riding that good luck wave again.

I hadn’t seen an elemental chest in over a month. This is with religiously speeding up chests daily. Then I got 2 within 3 days.

RNGesus is a fickle master. Sometimes he rules with an iron fist of NOPE and other times he’s tossing daisies and singing “Amazing Loot”. Good luck in the future. It WILL get better, just sometimes take a LONG time.


It’s random bro. Random means stretches of bad loot at times. That’s how randomness works.

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LOL, lets blame it on the RNG, LOL.

Yes my last coloured chest was only farmable items and nothing else. It does seem a bit unfair when your waiting so long for one expecting at least 1 ascession item and get stuff all.

Lets NOT blame the percentages that the devs set set towards those chests because that would just create havic and to many questions, lol.

I just had a fairly nice elemental chest:

Orichalcum x1
Chainmail shirts x2
Super antidote x1
Gems x30
Summon token x1
Troop Tokens x2
Loot tickets x6
Cleric emblems x10
Titan energy flask x1
1* Trainer hero (blue) x1
Atlantis coins x10

Of course, it’s been a while since i’ve had an elemental chest, but i’ll take it! :wink:

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Rngesus can be a jerk for long periods of time.

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Not one but two chainmail shirts!


No. All fine. Currently I got much better loots from Mystic visions than from any chests.
Best example: last 3 elementary chests->> no golden tokens. Got last week and this week an epic hero AND epic troop token.
All normal from my side…good times come good times go.

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