Terraguard Looking for New Members

Hi Everyone,

To any new or long time players looking for a chatty, fun, and active alliance search “Terraguard”. We have 3 open spots with only a 200 cup minimum to join. All of our current members are active daily and we all hit titans and participate in wars. Our alliance is only a month away from our 1 year anniversary, come join our big happy family!

Terraguard still has 3 open spots. Looking for new and active players who want to grow in a fun and active alliance. Just search terraguard on the alliance tab to find us.

Terraguard is about to do some cleaning and kick inactive players. Now is the time to join! Only 200 trophies required. Friendly and chatty alliance always looking for new members who like to play and have fun!

9 open spaces! Sign up now and join us for our victory in our war!