Tentatively looking for a new alliance

Hi, I’m Furious. Tentatively looking for a laid back alliance resembling The Ghost Ship… AW, play all flags if opted in; everyone has a role (I’m janitor status at lvl 53). Political correctness a must and no hitting on other members. Miss a Titan? My bad, no repercussions please. Discord Steve1965#03018


Hope you are ok.
Good luck with whatever you decide to do from an alliance perspective…
Stay calm and think about what it is you truly want


Hey! You are welcome to check out Legion of Layabouts. We are the retirement/R&R alliance for the Legion Group.

Definitely recommend Layabouts.

Great thing about them is they are part of a well established family so plenty of options to move around based on your activity levels

May as well chuck the proverbial hat into the ring (which has never worked out)…:grin:

You can browse through our recruitment thread for Fusion Fighters.

We’re semi-serious.
Optional war, all flags if in. (Repercussions if you don’t.)
Hit titans when on. (Currently no repercussions if you don’t.)
Communicate any likely absence.

Unfortunately you will have me as your leader. :laughing:
That really wasn’t a very good pitch…


Check us out at “The Average Joes”. :blush:

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I’d prefer a chat. I have LINE (you can find my ID in my profile) installed but have never used it. Discord works seamlessly apart from the memory leaks… A restart every 2 days isn’t the end of the world. :slightly_smiling_face:

I think I’m far from okay atm. Last night I had a dream where I smashed an ex friends sons head through a window and then punched him in the head ten times; woke up and watched a recommended youtube video that was even more bizarre. It left me confused so I doubled up on my meds. The thing is I feel sick stepping on an ant.

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Bestest wishes on your journey. Alas I’m not sure any of the alliances I’ve visited could compare :sweat:. Take care. I hope you find what you’re looking for.


I think I must have just been frustrated. I can’t find an alliance that resembles mine. The Ghost Ship rules are simple. No personal attacks, no non PC comments, tolerance for all, courtesy and respect for all members a must and no recriminations for missed hits regardless. Missing war flags is an annoyance but not the end of the world (although if all members participating in AW did this it would be a problem worthy of a chat; no threats). We may be recruiting soon; I’ll probably being doing that but consensus approval is required for all recruits.
I have my alliance, I just lost sight for several days.

Thank you. :smiley:


Join me at “The Average Joes”.
You will be fit there.
One spot is open. Join in fast.
We won’t let go anyone.
Unless more than inactive.

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Good to hear that. I was hesitant to offer, but if you want to drop to casual playing with no pressure, you can join us in Darkest Hyrule. War is a free for all though, so if you want structured attacks, it’s not the place.


Thanks, but FFA’s are a losing strategy… Maybe that’s one unspoken rule my alliance has? We take AW very seriously, our strategy is simple but does require co-ordination to work… Our win rate is enviable to some.

Thanks for considering me as a prospect. :smiley:

EDIT: we are extremely casual. :wink:

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Yeah, I get that. It’s the reason why I didn’t jump with the offer, I figured you preferred that type of coordination.

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It’s not draconian. We don’t assign targets to players. It’s just a pile more fun when we are all available at the same time to enact our plan. :slightly_smiling_face:

We like winning but losses aren’t the end of the world if we all did our best. We don’t assign blame to those that made mistakes. Where would that ever make it fun?

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My current alliance is free for all. We have some super strong players and win most wars.

I’m glad that works for you, but it just wouldn’t work for us. I could get the stats (I only record wins) but time stamps will generate stats on the losses, my guess would be we win about 67% of the time.

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your LINE id didnt work

Whose? Mine? I have no way of checking my LINE ID that I can think of right now. I registered and wrote it down but have never used it… I use Discord and it definitely works.

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