Ten-Thousand Gem View

As heartbreak sears the mind
I recall the past year’s misery
I flick my thumbs to unwind
and scan through my loot history

This game of failure and futility
A companion of mine and metaphor
Surely my attention has better utility
There are other things I am good for

I used to live without regret
Now decidedly this is untrue
All this wasted time I can’t forget
and I know what I should do


Increase the beat and alter the prose
Break the mold and change my clothes
I can’t regret the past and cost the future

Titans will fall and enemies will die
Life will happen and real men can cry
And crows deign to pluck at my sutures

Use self control and live face-to-face
Stop paying them money, it’s a waste
Divest and hope for the best, I think

Grouse and whine and moan and complain
About A-plus loot and general disdain
In this empirically puzzling time-sink


Perhaps there is no true winning
Maybe this game is not all bad
Wasted time not akin to sinning?
Hard to tell when I’m so sad.

The tiles anger me with the RNG
The summons always sucked for sure
I even struggle when I’ve no NRG
The times I’ve fought sleep, why for?

These so-called heroes fill my roster
It’s a strong one by any measure
As a father I feel like an impostor
It’s a stretch to call this game pleasure


The rain makes you love the sun
You need to know evil to see the good
The microcosm of this life is in this game

The social media WAS social distancing
The pandemic made us ALL go insane
And we play along as if we expect to be the same

My kids play and that’s okay, I think
But the example I’ve set really stinks
We all have to do better with what we are giving

I just hope we all do better, for now
I sincerely hope we figure out how
Our eyes in our phones is not life worth living.


Evolve and adapt, as I’m sure we must
EnP has given me a few that I trust
An anti-social dude has found some friends
This hermetic type hopes they don’t end

Hard to extricate these relationships
they’re for this game, wholly based on it
Sucks that cool people spread out, world across
Tied and interested in the game would be lost

Pardon this bit of a pensive deep-dive
In what keeps my interest in this game alive
I guess I do stay for the people, reluctantly
Even if this game gives no luck to me.


You’re still reading? Oh lord, I’m sorry
this poem of mine, not at all starry
A meta-view of the game and life I see before me

Some of you identify with the sentiment
Even as others question exactly what I meant
Leaving open almost everything to chance metaphorically

Keeping on-topic, Zocc, this next month’s hero
Casting mindless attack, much like I play here
As Merlin goes with the AI, we strike out randomly

Guessing I’ll keep playing to see what I get
Pretend that, with Ursena, I will be set
Yet I’ll put life first, because that I want for me.




Twenty bandaids


Slight deviation from an iambic pentameter, but we’ll let it slide this time.



Thanks for your feedback, and for reading in the first place.
It’s not my best work by a long stretch, but I had fun with it. :slight_smile:

This break in rhyme/rhythm was intentionally placed, to throw people off.
Not super thrilled with what I did here:

but meh. wasn’t going to spin on that one too long. :slight_smile:
Thanks again for humoring me.

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I like it! The cough an’ grumble an’ hmmm the breaks in it were interesting.


I don’t know if this is your best work or not, but man you crushed this rhyme. CRUSHED.


I was with you all the way until you missed the U out of humouring :wink:

Nice work though in all seriousness. Poetry is not a skill I possess.


Is this to an already-written song or did it just flow out of you?

This is catchy and thought provoking & memorable. Meaty. Different. Thank you!


@JonahTheBard please put this masterpiece in the library for posterity!


It just flowed sort of stream of consciousness in about 10 minutes.

Thank you all for reading.

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