Ten 4* 3/60 or Five 4* 4/70?

Hi, been playing now 2 months, finally getting my defense team maxed.

So afterwards, is it better to quickly lvl 4* heroes to 3/60 or focus on another 5 (each color) to 4/70?

Asking as it seems to take 3 weeks to go from 3/60 to 4/70 if you have the mats.
I could probably get a second 4* halfway to 3/60 in that time.

Going 3/60 will help me in wars with a deeper bench so leaning towards this direction.

So among 4*, which heroes are worthwhile at 3/60? Healers come to mind as I have Mel at 3/60 skill maxed but if what other 4* heroes would you lvl to 3/60?

Here is my list of heroes, team 1 is used for raids, defense. Titans I stack strong color but it’s weakest part of my team, thanks.

You need a full rainbow team first, before deepening your bench. You would use your main team for titans (mats), events (mats) and raiding to get enough experience for war.

A good main team helps you to collect mats quicker for the second team. So my vote is on max first 5 4* before starting a new set.

Thanks for responding, I updated with my current near maxed team along with rest of my heroes.

If war is your top priority then yes after completing your first 5 then doing 10 x 3.60 would be good for war assuming your opponents are not all high level 5*.

I think you are on the right track with the hero’s you have started to level.

Green: Caedmon, Melendor (done), Kashhrek (could be your war tank)
Red: Wilbur, Falcon
Dark: Proteus, Tibs
Blue: Triton (as already started), Grimm
Yellow: Chao, Leo

This will give you one healer for your 3 teams and also set you on your way for a titan team.

You need the 4* for events. They are a great source for mats and you can complete all stages with 4* heroes (epic and legendary). Better get at least like 10 maxed 4* heroes before you level any 5*. It will make your damage and defense way better!

Edit: my approach is when you can max a decent 4* hero - do it!!! 4/70 has incredibly more power than 3/60 and lets you fight higher titans.

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I brought up around 3 4* of each color to 3/60 before i started maxing 1 by 1. Gave me decent depth for titans and completing events/rare quests. That’s just me though

And if i had known then what i knew now, i could have had that done in a few weeks. But i was still learnin how to make the most of my tc’s and what not


I never end to saying how much i love 4* heroes.
There’s many epic that you never regret max them.

I can’t say the same for legendary.


I preach it daily lol unfortunately it still falls on deaf ears at times. Really irks me when the f2p or c2p ignore it though. “But it’s my 1st 5*” is just not good reason to waste resources


Just to be clear when I say completing your first 5, which include Victor and Marjana, I mean to take them to 3.70 not 4.80. Don’t know if you even have the mats for that yet.

So I agree complete 4* first but since Victor and Marjana are so far already I would take them to 3.70. Don’t really know how good Victor is at 3.70 but Marjana is quite good at 3.70.

I’m also only suggesting Leo as I don’t see much fun in doing more then one Chao. I don’t really think Danzaburo is one I would go with but I haven’t actually tried him so maybe he is ok.

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I realized it myself pretty early when i got Horghall from a summon. I was super stocked with a 5* and immediately leveled him. When I hit 2/60 I realized there is no further way to go because no mats and then you start informing yourself. Well… 7 months later… Horghall still sits at 2/60 :joy:

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Mine sits at 3/70, leveled him just because i hit a point where i had no one else to level and i wasnt going to do summons just to get something different. I have yet to use him though, at all lol. I used skittle before, didnt like it, figured horg would be about the same but a lot more health and a lot less attack lol

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Thanks for the suggestions. Yes the plan is to take Victor and Marjana to 3/70 for now although I picked up 3 tools and a tabbard from Morlovia and titan so I just need one more tabbard for Vic.

On offense, he’s pretty effective and since I stack with Rigard, I’m always looking for purple tiles on raids.
Both Vic and Marj do damage over time, plus if he bites, he steals around 60% health so I always try to bite Kashrek and steal his heal; can usually kill him off after he fires once.

Vic’s other key asset is the 30% defense buff (identical to Kiril’s) unfortunately it doesn’t stack with Kiril’s but whenever I’m raiding or using this line up, I have the turtle banner boost for a large part of the time.

They’ve both been excellent since mid tier 3 lvl 30 or so.

As for Leonidas, I keep hoping for Wu or Joon. I think he’s very good but like others pointed out and from my own tedious experience lvling Marj and Victor, I don’t know if I can commit long term to Leo. Avoid @Rigs Horghall scenario if I can.

I’d almost max your first rainbow set of 4*s (including a 5* 3/70 if you have a very good reason, like being a top hero in the game or no other reasonable choices), and you’re doing that.

Early in my game, I kinda stopped working heroes when I got them to ~4/60, and just fed them the occasional trainer hero, because those last 10 levels don’t make a huge difference, and they are sooooooooo expensive!

So once you get them to that point, I’d focus on your second rainbow set, and take them also to ~4/60, stopping there for the same reason.

Do the 2nd rainbow set next, because then you can stack two of any color you want, and run raids, quests, S2 Hard levels at 2/1/1/1 or 2/2/1, which is a HUGE advantage.

If you have enough heroes you want to level, after that, then I’d seriously consider leveling up your next 4 rainbow sets (to 30 heroes) more-or-less in parallel.

First start taking sets to ~2/20, often where their special hits 8/8. These heroes are way more powerful for war attacks than unleveled heroes, and are VERY CHEAP to make.

Then start taking sets of your favorite ~2/20 heroes up to 3/60 until you have 30 heroes at that level.

Also, around the time you get 10 maxed 4* heroes (maybe a 5* 3/70 or two), you should be getting the mats and the resources to start taking 5* heroes into their final ascension. That’s a nice detour when you can do it.

And continue working on ascending your 3/60 heroes a set at a time 'till you have 25~30 heroes.

I’m just getting there now (30 4* / 5* heroes maxed with an additional silly number of 3* heroes maxed) after almost 9 months playing.


Advising on what you got not on what you may get :slight_smile:

But I would not dismiss Leo even if you get Joon and Wu, sure they go first but a Leo at 3.70 is fine for a war hero and I would prefer, I think, over Chao at 4.70.

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I agree with that actually. I use leo in wars, pretty solid and his mana control is a decent perk

Yes, I started on rigard and kiril before getting the riposte ones. Also started lixui instead of Chao, so I feel very fortunate.

Boril, cyp and Chao have their uses but I’m now in mid platinum and realize I would be more handicapped if I had leveled these three instead. The riposte depends on the AI attack and Chao just is a child sniper, can’t hang with the heroes you commonly see in diamond.

Leonidas is like a 7/10 girl you start dating after having been single a while. You’ll take it but you can’t be 100% exclusive if you know what I mean.

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