Tempt someone to join your alliance

So…hypothetically…is there someone on this good forum who you would want to join your alliance?

If so, how would you woo / seduce them into joining your alliance, even if it is temporary? :wink:

Or alternatively, reversing it a bit, is there someone on this forum for whom you’d like to join their alliance?

You never know, it might just come true…

For example, although they are long gone I would really like @zephyr1 and @MysterySpin to resurrect (50% chance using Mother North) and join our alliance :stuck_out_tongue:

I have no other recourse, art or seduction other than to tag them, unfortunately…

Tagging a few other people randomly to see what you guys think :stuck_out_tongue: :rofl: :joy:

@OAlexisO @Muchacho @Noble_Weasel @sleepyhead @Quinn3 @Andrewbook @Sarah2 @kwong79


If people were seeking a new alliance i would invite them to join but i dont think i would actively attempt to poach someone from any alliance, as i for one have found an alliance i am happy to be part of and stay in.

We have good people who are willing and happy to give advice and help out as much as they can.


Of course, the thread was meant in jest, I wouldn’t condone poaching or any practice similar to it :joy: :upside_down_face:

But still, you never know. I’ve always thought it would be fun to share an alliance with some of the good people here in this forum and wanted to know if anybody shared the same fantasy…


Well i am fortunate that some of the good people on these forums have been a part of my alliance, unfortunately some moved on for various reasons.


There’s no one alive that I want to join my alliance. We hit 8-10 star titans, and it requires zero farming, and my 3 stars such as C.Brienne, Nordri, Meave, and Melia stay alive. Anything over that requires farming and/or better heroes.

Well actually @FrenziedEye

I recruited forum buddies to join my alliance if I knew they were looking for a place to call home. And, in chatting with Forum buddies in various threads, I have been invited to join their alliance when I was touring the E&P universe. The fact that they’re a forum buddy is all I need to know that the alliance will be a great place to be.

Communication apps outside of the forum helped for better “alliance” communication so joining our Line / Discord, although not essential, helped forum buddies get to know other alliance mates, share game info etc beyond just in-game chat.

I’ve also responded to forum buddies’ recruitment threads, and suggested alliances I thought would fit what they were looking for.

The current alliance I’m in at the moment, my friends and I stumbled upon when they posted on our recruitment ad - we were touring looking for places to visit… Fast forward many months and we’re still here.


Just be 100% honest. I want to woo a lifetime alliance mate, not a titan smashing one night stand. People that say their alliance is one way and it’s not, are bound to disappoint someone.


I have had the good luck to be in an alliance with forum people I respect - including @StillVictor, @AnomanderRick , @Mistress_of_Shadows , @Luna (I think?) @Math-Teacher , @Cheds (probably a few more, apologies to anyone I have missed out on). Currently at DeRaptors a great alliance with a great leader in @Chadmo.

What I look for in an alliance member are:

  • Strong work ethic in the game
  • Performance in various aspects of the game
  • Positive outlook in the game
  • Fun personality
  • Someome with deep knowledge that I could learn from (learning doesn’t stop, even at 4+ years)
    Not necessarily in that order. Basically someone I respect and would get along with in-game.

There are a few forum members I think would fit that bill and if we were talking about running an E&P fantasty league I would want the following (not including the ones already mentioned) as a starting point:
(see next post, can only @ 10 people per post)

This is in NO WAY an exhaustive list! There are many others I would feel honoured to be in an alliance with but have not had much recent interaction with so may have slipped my mind


Post an offer for a Lure and market it for $7.99 :laughing:

Kidding of course lol


see above
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see above
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I am sure there are a number of players on the forum I’d like to have, but as @Chadmo said, we’d be looking for a long-term member. We did take in a member on the forum who was on her way out of the game, but that was still more than just a titan fight. Also, most members on the forum already have a long-term relationship with their alliance, so the dynamic would be different to have them suddenly join an alliance with unknown players.
I know I could possibly get “further ahead” if I joined one of the more serious alliances, but honestly, I’d like to keep this casual which is what I get out of my current alliance and there’s little chance of my feeling pressured to do more than what I do.


I personally wouldn’t go out of my way to woo anyone. But that is different from extending an offer to someone who’s looking for a new place to call home.

@Chadmo and @Homaclese have already pointed out, you want someone with clear communication and someone who’ll contribute and have the persona that fits. This is a game and it’s very important for people to understand that.

I’ve been playing for nearly 4 years and have been in 2 alliances. And I believe this continuously consistent environment of the same people I get along with is what kept me in the game really. There are quite a few I wouldn’t mind having in my alliance and Homaclese tagged quite a few of the same ones that come to mind and there are a few more that could be added to the list.


All very fair points. I’m pretty talkative in my alliance so I can appreciate the need for good comms and personality

@Homaclese, if I were to join this fantasy team, I would probably be on cleanup duties in war LOL

PS. I am OK with that btw, I know my place


If I ever leave, maybe have to leave 7DU, I definetly will ask Chadmo for a new home.

Happy gaming


I guess it is an honor to be nominated…


Possibly. But there is no prize. Not even a pretend one.


Your respect is the prize. :wink: :smile:


Do you feel tempted now?