Temporary Mystic Vision Change (May–June 2022) - Discussion

Awesome. Best event in game :sweat_smile:

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6 months and it will be hourly.

Will we ever get 1 second cool down?

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Lol spend the whole time watching adds

Sure, if I can get 10000 gems in a month, this will become a job

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From May 26 to today :grin::grin:


I used to play a good game and there was no cool down. I spent a few weeks building up enough to get good clubs… Though i think power creep makes them just ok now.

I think it will be sooner than that.

Another game has 10min cool down. Max 5 videos daily. So I just watch all 5 almost in a row, while clearing energy, and I am done.

2:26- wtf guin and aeron on the wings.
6:10- camera keeps zooming into thunder unicorn (reflect blue) because it didn’t want noobs to see how much it’s thrashing richard

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Haha, so true, didn’t notice that. :rofl:

Is it just me? I’m missing rewards. Especially with the mansion add. I see a cross appear, nothing else happens and no rewards as i push the cross

Got a nice reward this evening. Worth the wait


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