Temporary Mystic Vision Change (May–June 2022) - Discussion

I’d advise avoiding “debates” with that person. They tend to make claims and then instruct you to go search for evidence to back their claim up. Also, snide remarks is right up their alley.


My monthly MV 4AM has arrived.

I get 1x per month. Been tracking for a while now. Very very rarely 2x per month. Only happened once in 2021.

Been getting the usual combo mixes plus “usual” 20/30x emblem combos.

Doesn’t feel like loot has been nerfed. Not yet anyway.

Doing about 3-4 ads now. Used to be at best 2-3 ads daily. Appreciate the extra gems.


Nice! My best month was in January of this year. Raked in 4 4* mats. Then went on a dry spell in Feb. picked up a bit since then. Two so far since they made the change.

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0 decent mystic visions since the change for me. But it is what it is.

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And then…


Good news !! Happy of this announcement ! :smiley:


Thanks @Petri this change will help players a lot and you will get profit too. Everyone wins! Good move there.

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Awesome. Best event in game :sweat_smile:

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6 months and it will be hourly.

Will we ever get 1 second cool down?

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Lol spend the whole time watching adds

Sure, if I can get 10000 gems in a month, this will become a job

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From May 26 to today :grin::grin:


I used to play a good game and there was no cool down. I spent a few weeks building up enough to get good clubs… Though i think power creep makes them just ok now.

I think it will be sooner than that.

Another game has 10min cool down. Max 5 videos daily. So I just watch all 5 almost in a row, while clearing energy, and I am done.

2:26- wtf guin and aeron on the wings.
6:10- camera keeps zooming into thunder unicorn (reflect blue) because it didn’t want noobs to see how much it’s thrashing richard

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Haha, so true, didn’t notice that. :rofl:

Is it just me? I’m missing rewards. Especially with the mansion add. I see a cross appear, nothing else happens and no rewards as i push the cross

Got a nice reward this evening. Worth the wait


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