"temporary' health boost... is it?

Season three has brought us heroes with temporary health boost. Is it really “temporary”? To me temporary means it will go away in a few turns. Apparently, it means until you can take it away. IMO it is more permanent then temporary. I do get the concept, it is just annoying to have a hero on the end with double HP that wont go away until you can start to lay some hits onto him/her. It is like “killing” the hero two or more times. Just frustrating to deal with, not impossible.

You cannot heal/recover health beyond the ‘normal’ hero’s maximum, so in that regard it does seem temporary.

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This is just a semantics issue. It’s temporary b/c once you lower said hero’s over-boosted HP below his original max HP, normal healing can’t increase his HP to the over-boosted level again. You would need to use an overhealer (Heimdall, Guillenbursti, Grevle) again to achieve that.

Ex: Hero’s original HP is 1000. Heimdall fires. Said hero’s temporary max HP is 1500. You drop said hero’s HP to 999. Normal healing can only bring his HP back to 1000. Therefore the HP boost was “temporary”.


Even more than that as soon as you take any damage that temporary health bonus is gone. In your example once the hero takes 1 damage their max health is now 1499 and they can’t be healed back up to 1500 anymore.


Perhaps a better (and more geeky) word would ablative health.

I’m Sci-Fi, the surgical definition of ablative has been applied to armour - that is armour designed to dissipate a blast by being destroyed…sort of like the crumple zone of a car.

Perhaps SG should have used the terminology from it’s sister fame, Puzzle Combat, where this hp boost is widely used and is simply refereed to as ‘armour’.

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This is exactly why Heimdall is getting nerfed soon.

Wait… :thinking:

No, my bad… He just got buffed so we try to get him every month, spending and more spending.

On topic, this boost lasts the entire match if chars don’t receive damage.

I’d also like to add that it’s temporary because it won’t stay after that raid. If my war team has a Heimdell tank and it wins the oncoming attack while having my entire team over their normal HP, the next opponent won’t face them with their temporary HP boost.

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