Temporary Aether Summon interval change (July 2023)

UPDATE 2023-07-27:

Testing continues! The Aether Summon will also run twice in August — first between August 5–7, then between August 21–23. Players will again be gifted 25 Aether Crystals on each occasion.

Thank you for your support. Best of luck in the battles!


Dear Community:

We will temporarily test a reduced interval between Aether Summon occurrences for the month of July, and also possibly August. This July, the Aether Summon will open twice: first between July 11–13, then between July 24–26, with all start and end times being 07:00 UTC.

Please rest assured that players will continue to receive the same amount of Aether Crystals (50 per month) as before. With the Aether Summon opening twice this month, players will be gifted 25 Aether Crystals on July 11, and then another 25 on July 24.

We are constantly looking to provide a better Empires & Puzzles experience for our players, so experimenting with the cadence and/or duration of various in-game events and quests is an avenue we will continue to explore. Similar tests with other events may be run in the future.

Thank you always for your support, and best of luck in the battles! We will update this post with more information in August if we decide to test this reduced interval for a second time.