Temporada 3. TC 20

Una vez que se estrene la temporada 3, en los tc20 tenían que empezar a aparecer los héroes de la temporada 2. Sería un muy buen avance.

season 3 premieres, in the tc20 the heroes of season 2 had to start appearing. It would be a very good breakthrough

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English please.


Once season 3 premieres, in the tc20 the heroes of season 2 had to start appearing. It would be a very good breakthrough.

Probably not!

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Lol. That’s some cold, hard truth :joy:



Y que small giant se quede sin tus gemas en atlantis, ni pensarlo!

Ya en serio, no creo que pase :confused:, da de brincos que te dan monedas de atlantis, pero no creo que vayan a hacerle una mejora a los campos de entrenamiento en el futuro cercano

Well, yeah. Because the more gems you use up in Atlantis on summons you didn’t want, the more you are likely to buy more gems for more coveted heroes. SG makes more money.

So you are hoping that the Training Camps can be improved by including Season 2 heroes in the mix? Boy, I agree with you about one thing. That’s not going to happen because then Season 2 loses it’s charm of the 4-day, once-per-month sort of deal. People would probably not summon as much During Atlantis Rises, if they knew that S2 characters could be trained out of the camp.

I’m not sure what the data says, but I am willing to bet anything that next to the Daily Summon, the Epic Hero Summon is next in line as the least summoned from portal in the game by spending gems. Top players usually save gems for summons at Atlantis, Challenge and Seasonal events, and maybe the Elemental Summons.

I agree with you, I dont think we will ever get season 2 heros from tc. As you say, its what people use their gems for (god knows I do haha, the amount of atlantis pulls I ve made with a frog as result). It just makes zero sense for SG to start giving them out like free candy on halloween. Would it be great for most players? Definitely. Would it be great for SG economy? Not so much, such is life :stuck_out_tongue:

When the S3 summon portal appears and the new S3 heros, does anyone summon in S2 portal?

Does anyone summon in elemental portal or EH portal? Yes, but only with coins not spending gems.

Si why not put these heros in training camps?

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I mean people will still look for old hotm and atlantis heroes.
Elemental and epic heroes are available in atlantis and any other summon portal, and TCs, thats the real reason why people dont usually spend their gems on those. However, atlantis heroes are only available by atlantis summons, and thats why people summon there. Will there be less gems spent on Antlantis? Probably. Will that push SG to release atlantis heroes as TC obtainable? I doubt it :confused:

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