Teluria is the weakest character

I think most will agree that Teluria’s mixture of weak skills leads to her complete failure …because she really has no strengths … she can only be used as a universal support hero … and in this family a green healer would be useful and don’t care about her damage … remove him and give an overheal and this will be a character that will rise to the level with today’s realities. Please, give your opinion!!

Telluria was NERFED to oblivion in 2nd/3rd quarter 2020 after release in March 2020.

Alongside Vela, released Jan 2020.

While Vela was restored (almost) to her launch-strength, Telluria remains NERFED.

There are at least a few threads on Telluria.

Will Zynga/SGG restore Telluria, since they partially restored Vela?

If they did, similar “GTV” defence may form.

I won’t hold my breath for this.

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