Teltoc quest

Now I can understand why lots of players told me not tp doing quests. Where is the point of creating such hard quests ,if we.can only rnjoy just few stages? The current rare quest is impossible to enjoy it. Level 10 is reallyhard. I won t wasre another minute in itn why don t you creatr something less frustrating ? This game is becoming even more frustrating. We all know your just a greedy company but now is a fact!

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Plenty of people complete it. I’d say the issue is your heroes aren’t quite strong enough or you’re not using the right heroes for this quest. Take the right amenities as well and you’ll be fine. If your heroes aren’t ready though don’t blame the game. Be patient.

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Did nobody tell you that the CHALLENGE events were for the players with some experience.

Play and learn and come back when you are strong enough for the rare quest which will be in shorter time than you would expect.

P.S. Dont forget to at least start every first stage so you get the 3 free silver tokens. :smile:

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I m level 27 thx for the info.

Are 8 months i m playing. I m runnimg out of patience.

Hi Cora, don’t give up =) I’ve played a little bit less than a month and just made rare stage 10 with this team:

Only Karil got his special maxed, the rest got 7/8, 7/8, 5/8 and 2/8. I spent 20 minor healing and had more axes/arrows/mana potions. I’m f2p and I don’t think my heroes are ideal for this challenge, but it’s doable!

I can’t get through level 10 on Rare either - but I know why. I need to take more armoury with me when I try again. If it was easy what would be the point?

Hmmmmm……I am playing for about 8 month to and I am ftp.
I hope to finish legendary tomorrow………

It seems you are doing something wrong then.

What Team did you take into rare challenge and what mats did you have.

Basics which you might already know.

Towards the end of a stage leave one minion alive and ghost tiles until all your specialls are fully loaded.

Go into boss stage use all your arrows and axes and appliable specials, kill the first boss,keep going.

Of course it helps if you have certain key abilities which I dont have.

For example some heroes from sand Empires can stop healing.

Until I see your 3* hero rooster I cant tell you more.

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