Teltoc Challenge Quest - Help building out my Rare Tier team

I need some feedback to make up my teams of heroes for the upcoming Teltoc quest. Rare tier is what I’m gonna go for in terms of high scores.

Yes, I understand that rewards are not good in Rare tier, unless you’re in the top. I get that, I am purely doing this for fun. I also recommend anyone else who tries to compete in Rare to also only do it for fun, don’t expect great rewards.

Relevant Quest Details

Yellow monsters reflect. Minions are Yellow and Green in all stages. Bosses are Red, Yellow, and Purple.


I don’t have any duplicates of these heroes. However, do let me know if you think I should. For now it’s just one of each though. Here are the ones I think will be good.


  • Balthazar
  • Chochin
  • Tyrum
  • Gill-Ra


  • Hawkmoon
  • Namahage
  • Nashgar


  • Gato
  • Ulmer
  • Valen


  • Brienne

I have every classic and atlantis 3* hero (most of them maxed), but I’m only listing heroes that I think will be good in this quest. If you think I’m missing any, let me know.

All of the above heroes are maxed but none of them have emblems. I can afford to spend for at least the first node of each class. Let me know if that’s worth it or if I should wait to get more instead.

I didn’t list any Yellow heroes because of the reflect barrier, but would it be worth bringing Bane against Panther?

Also I’m iffy on bringing Brienne, since there’s no blue enemies. But her attack boost is great.

Thoughts? Any heroes I missed?

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I’m very young in monthly events, fast mono (red/purple here) is best choise. Teams like 5 Nmahage/Nashgar and 5 Baltazzar have nest chance for high points. You also need arrows, axes and mana potions on boss fights.

You shoudn’t take Bane (I’m using red heroes on Grimforest and this is terrible hard), kill Panther by skills ad items.

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Teltoc has only yellow and green minions on every level, so you should only use red and purple heroes for this event. If you’re looking for top 10, you should use mono on every level. Otherwise running 3-2 is more consistent and will make completion easier. For very high scores, Gill-Ra and Chochin are great in later levels when carpet bombing doesn’t deal enough damage on its own. Otherwise Balthazar is the best purple 3* - so I’d max 3 of him if you can. For red, Namahage is the second best hero behind Squire Wabbit, who will probably only be available after the event. Running 5x him is honestly the best mono red strategy.


Yeah no Squire Wabbit for me.

Since I’ve got only 1 of each for now and a week to go I’ll hang on to my other Balthazar, that brings me to 2 of him.

I’ll have to do 3-2 though cuz of the lack of duplicates for this time. So something like;

Gill-Ra | Balthazar | Balthazar (Chochin if I can’t max the second in time) | Namahage | Nashgar

Healers not worth it? I guess for high scores they’re not which makes sense. So I’ll bring in some potions.

Healers are for getting through; attackers are for winning. Truly awesome runs will provide few chances for your foes hit you.

@Wharflord has won several Rare-tier events and is the acknowledged 3* lore-master in the 7D family. What he wrote is gospel. Basically, you’re trying to get the most firepower on he board as possible. When you get a great opening board and can plow through both minion levels, you then bomb the bosses into dust. But don’t waste those items unless you’re having a very good run.


As Kerridoc just said, healers are good for getting you through events, but wont contribute much to high scores. I keep Hawkmoon and Belith around for casually completing events, and they are very powerful for sustaining through enemy hits. When you push for a high score, however, offense is the only thing that matters. The health bonus is trivial compare to the time and match bonuses, and if you complete the level quickly then you won’t get hit many times, if at all.


That sounds good, thanks Wharflord, @Kerridoc and @Radar1 for your input.

Since I’m not going to be ready with my duplicate 3 stars, I’m just gonna have to push through with 3 purples (Gill-Ra, Chochin and Balthazar) and 2 reds (Namahage and Nashgar). No top 10 this time, but maybe top 100.

This is good stuff and I’ll keep that in mind for the next events to eventually aim for the top.

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Thanks for all the help everyone, I placed 170th this time following the advice here (Master Score: 450,360). Competition was pretty fierce.

I’ll have to try again next time with maxed Balthazars and Namahages. Time to start hoarding some of these heroes :slight_smile:

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