Teltoc Challenge Level 15 Legendary

Level 15 on Legendary.
So i passed level 14 with relative ease.
Why is level 15 three times more difficult.?.. Is it to try and sell battle items ? Is this yet another attempted money grab?

Before i went to the end boss i put health back pack on all players, they were all 3000hp going in.
They also had 3 minions protecting them. All fully leveled 5* players with emblems, full mana and ready to activate.
( Sorry i forgot to take screen shot)

2 hits and the team was almost dead, so i used all my battle items and potions and protections… but 3 more hits and the entire team was dead.

Anyone else having these same issues?

I don’t think i’m going to waste any more resources on it…


Not a new money grab, it’s been this challenging for a long time. I could only finish it once I got Proteus. Bringing mana pots, small and large, you can literally not have the bosses have one charge skill fired. If I didn’t have Prot, I don’t know how I’d finish it.


Thanks for the info…i don’t have Proteous… Looks like i don’t stand a chance , what a waste of time.

Once you get to the boss stage fire off all your heroes, then all battle items before you move any tiles. I usually take axes, bombs attacks and dragon bombs. This should get rid of at least one of the bosses. Level 15 is tough just keep trying.

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You have Hensel or Gretal?

What heroes are you using or who do you have available?
Ideally you want mana control heroes. This could be ones to cut the mana or stopping the mana, or also silencing the bosses (Hansel, Miki)…

I am lucky enough to have 2x Proteus and Miki. I also have 2 x Hansel if I really needed them.

Don’t obviously use Gretel, since she is yellow and yellow is reflect

Time stops help if no Proteus. Don’t take long to make in the Forge.


Time stops are my go-to items in legendary.

Thanks for the advice everybody.
I feel a bit embarrassed, i complained too early without first trying different methods.
I just passed the stage.
I took 4 healers and perfect riposte.
The bosses killed themselves within a few hits each and it didn’t require a single battle item.

Thanks again for all your replies, you brought me back from despair and got me trying different methods.

Apologies to SG… i linked the difficulty level with trying to sell time stops, it seemed too much of a coincidence.


Yes, good practice. But you should finish it carefully.

For me, Boril died and I retried with 4/1 Sif and won.

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Takes a strong person to own up. :+1: :muscle:


Love Sif…been helpful for S2 Hard Stages :star_struck:

For Level 15 Legendary used Proteus, kept him firing with Mana Pots and didn’t use battle items



Not pretty, but got you thru the level :sunglasses:

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Mana pots is battle items too.

About Proteus - I have it too and used it too.
But I need Sif to do more damage, because healing alone is not enough (Telluria+C.Rigard).


I digress and mean direct damage items, like bombs and dragon attacks. Yes I should probably level a few more Proteus. Yellow wasn’t ideal for this challenge, but if you put Sif next to slow to power specials, like Isarina (in my case), it does help the others around her.

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I struggled too. But congrats on getting through it.

I ran it mono with Cyprian +4 tank, flanked by Proteus +7, and Rigard (still at 4.33), and in the wings Sabina +11 and Tiburtus (at 4.24).

I had three revive scrolls, two of which I used to bring back Tibs and Proteus at the start of the boss battle as a really bad board on the first mob wave had already lost me those two, plus time stops and the super healing potions and super mana potions.

I scraped through with just a critically hit Cyprian left in the end. It took me most of my items. I had one time stop and two mana potions left. One more normal hit would have taken him out.

I think a second attempt I would have taken in more offensive items and nuked them.


I finished it with only 4s (not even heavily emblemed, max are 8 emblems on proteus, other have 3 or 4).

I didnt even use all items lolScreenshot_20200611-230456_Empires


Which boss (either by themselves or solo) is everyone finding to be the most challenging/hardest?

Chameleon for me 100%, so annoying with that element change