Telly (Telluria) Counter Hero Ideas

Thankfully I’ve been able to maintain my win rate with 3/2, used to mono back in the day, certainly understand it’s a valuable option. Locke has not been as useful in mono for me (same for quite a few heroes, so as always, builds and stacks matter).

Poseidon is a bit of a counter; at least in relation to preventing Telly’s mana effect. If he goes off before her, it helps significantly.

True I’ve been using malosi + poseidon and there are times i can fire malosi on vela and poseidon on someone else and not worry so much about telluria firing

Locke was great for me in mono up until well ya know…that one hero came out…

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I hear you, she just always seemed ta bit late for me in mono, but to be fair, I didn’t use her a ton there. Anyway, back on topic, was just curious was all.

I’m actually bringin up brynhild and goin to take her to somewhere between node 14 and 20 to give her a shot at taking lockes place.

If that doesn’t work then idk, i may just max a 2nd lianna or kingston as i have tonics idk what to do with anyways cause my only real focus is darts for malosis, rings for more zims and marjanas, scopes to get vela in my defense, and i dont even have a high interest in using tabbards really.

Rings and darts is about all i care about and have plans for at the moment. I’m glad devs fixed that pesky bug of diversity, it’s simplified the game so much :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

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A red falcon/Bird God that would act as the red celestial.

Speed: Fast
Class: Ranger
Color: Red

Attk: 828
Def: 675
HP: 1289


°Deals 415% damage to the target. Deals extra damage against green or an enemy that currently has a minion.

°if a minion is destroyed the caster randomly attacks another hero for minior damage.

°Any enemy hit for minior damage also recieves -54% def against fire for 3 turns.

Unfortunately a minion remover would not work since Telly has immunity to minion removal. The worst part of her design in my opinion.

I like it, since it’s not minion destroy it would kill the minion with damage, and do extra and keep hitting, kind of like Finley. This could be a good counter.

Yep and the condition for the second hit is dependent on the presence of a minion, so this hero wouldn’t be broken. Give it the same class as many of the other snipers so there’s stiff competition for emblems.

How about a red version of Kage? I know that will never happen, but I can dream. Take GM, red Kage, 2 level 11 mana troops, and bye bye Telly with 6 red tiles.

This reminds me Watchbird by Robert Sheckley. Create yet another hero with even more abilities to counter existing one.

Actually, a average mana cleanser (preferably red or green) with innate immune to mana ailments will work.

Why not just take Kage and four reds at that point? What we need is something new that isn’t too powerful.

Would definitely love if Margaret got a cleanse.

At the lower cups and 4100 power, I’ve been able to have some success with a lot of heals, Cboldtusk, Cregard, Cmelandor, which also cleanse, debuff, and buff your heroes. To counter Telly’s mana debuff, Poseidon. To counter the minions from the rest of the enemy and provide healing, Gobbler. All of the 4 stars are at 20 talents. I can stay alive and wear her down.
But at the higher powers this will not work because all the 4 stars will not be able to survive. Maybe there’s some 5 star healers that can do the same counters and survive.

mana speed: Very fast.
The hero has an innate ability to resist diseases that cause mana generation or decrease.

  • Dispels reforms from all enemies.
  • Deals 370% damage to the target.
  • Destroy all the helpers of all enemies.

Telly is clearly Uber-tough to counter. (Read till the end…)

I’ll go for something with high probability to count her:

** Telly-Grave-Maker **

Speed: Very-Fast
Class: Ranger
Color: Red

Attk: 828
Def: 675
HP: 1289


° Deals 512% damage to all green enemies. Deals extra 70% damage for any minion the target heals.

  • All allies are immune to new status alinements for 16 turns.

° Each ally is healed by 369HP for each minion killed over 1 turn.

° Each ally get +108% mana for 6 turns.

I hope this will do :sweat_smile:

Now seriously: I have 2 x Telluria - so I enjoy her excessive power. I do think she should be tuned down a bit. It doesn’t make sense 85% of the top 100 players use Telluria as tank. It is a clear warning sign for game imbalance - that simply doesn’t make it more fun.

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I would love to do that…if I had Kage. The fact that I don’t have him is one of the reasons I would dream about getting a hero like him, especially in red where I don’t have any of the best Telly counters

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