Telly (Telluria) Counter Hero Ideas

A response also needs to be moderately accessible to make a widespread difference. So I think you need two or three useful heroes including 4*, probably put into S.3


I think for the starters we need a decent minion destroyer that also dispells.

All allies should be getting some amount of mana or health after destroying a minion. All enemies who had a minion destroyed, should be getting some sort of damage or debuff (maybe can not cast status ailments for 2 turns?)

Needs to be sturdy and needs to be fast. Or have innate ability to resist mana gain debuff, but then that limits it only to 5 star HotMs.

But the longer I think about it, the more I realize such hero would murder all the other minion-oriented heroes even if they are innocent :man_shrugging:

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This Hydra hero would certainly be interesting! 3 hydras that block all status ailments from everybody? That would be your permanent auto-cleanser in offense! Set him in a wing or something on offense, pop him off, and you’d never have to worry about ailments the whole fight.
And in defense, you can put him on the flank. He can get enough mana, pop off the skill, and then the attacker can target the hydra with specials to end the protection if it’s really causing grief. Works wonders for attacking owners, and causes little grief for players who attack it. Good days all around. I like it. :slight_smile:

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A green vfast ailment protector with cleanse could counter Telly. Would die aftewards, but could help to delay Tellies 1st effective cast.

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And what about just a fast mana hero that both dispel all enemy buffs and cleanse all allies? It could be Monk or Cleric, so also mana control could be uneffective.

Or an average mana hero with same special but with innate resistance for reduced mana generation?

Also could be nice a reverse Hatter, fast or average, that put all negative effects of your heroes to enemies randomly.

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That hero is already coming

Her name is lady loki

Red average mana

Fast hero that reflects green for everyone.


So I Just have ti wait for her release (and the right odd)! :slight_smile:

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For what it’s worth i feel brynhild and possibly mist are a couple of 4* responses but i could be wrong


A red sniper that does extra damage to green and resists attack down would be cool as we lack red snipers and don’t have a sniper that does extra damage to a specific color… A red panther that resists water damage would be fantastic as well. These are both hotm ideas.

Also @Rigs, you don’t find Locke useful in current meta? Hmmm. I’ve found her to be very nice for dot stacking, but would obviously welcome another green cleanse (Rat should have had it).

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What other green DoTs are there?

Just her and yunan as far as i know and I don’t have yunan

And countering multiple DoTs with a single DoT isn’t very effective for me

% hitters have been my best bet to eliminate big threats asap. My double marjanas for example.

Oh I don’t mono, so the team that I play her in now is Cmel, gm, Kingston, Grazul, Locke.

Got it.

I’ve been monoing for awhile. Been the best bet for me at keeping my war success rate out of the gutter due to some mathematical mumbo jumbo that boils down to emblems, defense stats, maxed troops, and the hidden 20%…

Thankfully I’ve been able to maintain my win rate with 3/2, used to mono back in the day, certainly understand it’s a valuable option. Locke has not been as useful in mono for me (same for quite a few heroes, so as always, builds and stacks matter).

Poseidon is a bit of a counter; at least in relation to preventing Telly’s mana effect. If he goes off before her, it helps significantly.

True I’ve been using malosi + poseidon and there are times i can fire malosi on vela and poseidon on someone else and not worry so much about telluria firing

Locke was great for me in mono up until well ya know…that one hero came out…

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I hear you, she just always seemed ta bit late for me in mono, but to be fair, I didn’t use her a ton there. Anyway, back on topic, was just curious was all.

I’m actually bringin up brynhild and goin to take her to somewhere between node 14 and 20 to give her a shot at taking lockes place.

If that doesn’t work then idk, i may just max a 2nd lianna or kingston as i have tonics idk what to do with anyways cause my only real focus is darts for malosis, rings for more zims and marjanas, scopes to get vela in my defense, and i dont even have a high interest in using tabbards really.

Rings and darts is about all i care about and have plans for at the moment. I’m glad devs fixed that pesky bug of diversity, it’s simplified the game so much :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

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A red falcon/Bird God that would act as the red celestial.

Speed: Fast
Class: Ranger
Color: Red

Attk: 828
Def: 675
HP: 1289


°Deals 415% damage to the target. Deals extra damage against green or an enemy that currently has a minion.

°if a minion is destroyed the caster randomly attacks another hero for minior damage.

°Any enemy hit for minior damage also recieves -54% def against fire for 3 turns.

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