Telly tanking ruining the game-solution

There’s a simple solution to this Telly tank debate- if she’s buggering the game. After reading all the threads about buff/ nerf and long term players quitting out of frustration…I would like to offer up a simple solution. EVERYONE stop setting your raid defense up with Telly tanks!! Dealing with Telly in war is fine but raiding and rerolling is frustrating. Lots of people cupped dropped before - so what is the purpose of running a Telly tank for your raid defense now? Sure, some new players will get to be top 100 for a day- who cares. If we all did this we would send a message to SG and the community would fix their own complaints. I personally have just had enough of waking up with 2700 cups and fighting high powered teams to fill a chest. Why not go back to Kunch or Guin etc? There’s no advantage to anyone running a Telly tank on raid defense!

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Moderator’s Note

I’m moving this discussion to #BenchTelly for raids - lead the way for a positive change in raids for the majority and reopening that thread.


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