Telly died and the challenge died with her

for a few month now I had a new frustrating challenge…

tk kill 4600 gtv teams with under 4000 teams,for that I created lots of new hero’s and strategies and my question now

what now…


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There are still plenty of Telly up top, held by players who understand Telly’s actual value isn’t to kill.

Pop a raid flask or two and try to get 1st place

Good luck

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New shiny & improved Heimdall is here… Let’s spend, spend, spend!!!


How about a nice game of chess?



I haven´t managed to kill a Telluried team since their nerf. It´s curious I only get awful starting boards.

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I think WAPR was smarter than the RNG. “The only way to win is not to play the game…”. Now how about that Chess? I’m hopeless.

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The problem isn’t Telluria, it’s that we had 2 days notice and got no refund for our fu*king tonics.

you had three month notice if you just listened…

I killed today 4700 gtv with 4000 team… it still fun…it took me three tries

There’s no accounting for talent or bad boards, doesn’t mean there’s an inherent problem.

Gefjon will fix the Telly issue anyway.

Regardless, “listening” isn’t confirmed, we knew they were going to do ‘something’ no one assumed it would be the worst possible move. All they had to do was move Telluria to slow. So I’m not sure what point you think you’re making

But even if we had 3 months warning, like you falsely claim, it doesn’t take 3 months to get 6 telescopes and 6 tonics.
It took me 13 months to get 6 telescopes… And now they’re useless on Vela and no refund for ascension materials can’t be ignored.




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