Telluriua or King Arthur?

Having a tough time deciding who to drop my emblems on for a paladin, TELLURIA or KING ARTHUR??

Look up the top 10 and you’ll see.

Telluria 100% especially if you are considering to use her on your defence.

…and also if you’re using her on offense. :wink:

Depends on how you are using them. I gave mine to KA as I don’t plan to use Tell.

Hi @Atrippr,

I have both King Arthur and Telluria. I happen to have both on my defense team, as well. Telluria as a tank, where she is well-suited, and KA on the wing where he is less so. (In a few weeks, I hope to replace him with Vela, if anyone cares.)

As @Olmor says, Telluria is much more popular on defense teams than KA. So, if we believe in the group intelligence of the players (from whom folks like Titian Mafia gather their data), that points to T over KA.

I don’t like advice that begins with “it depends on” but I think your answer does depend on how you want to use the two of them. If tank, for example, I feel like Telluria is the favorite. If you are looking for a powerful punch, then King Arthur comes out ahead. (And sorry if this is super obvious.)

Also, as @TheRealJay says, Telluria is good on offense. I use her in Raids (I typically raid with 3-2 and include Telluria if my 3 is Green) and like the results. I also use KA whenever any blue is involved in a raid, so I have no great input on their relative capabilities from a raid perspective.

That said, I do use King Arthur against Titans and I have not been using Telluria, though thinking about her mana buff has me reconsidering that decision.

Hope that is helpful.

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