Telluria/Vela nerfed! Ok, where do we go from here? Part 1 (Tanks)

This is often the case…
Plus against BK you want dispel and basically everyone in diamond is going to have a maxed Sonya (fast, dispel, blue).

My blues are much higher damage than my reds - I’m deeper in reds, but even the glass cannons (Kong x2) don’t permit me the kind of damage I can make with Athena/Alice/Isarnia/Snow White.

Blues just loaded with power hitters.

(Having said that… BK is staying at tank for now :joy:)

Nice, Clarissa will do much more in attack (not hard)

Stripped Telly after first nerf when I ceased to want to use her offensively.

Held emblems for a while… Now they’re all on Roostley - he’s massively flawed and stats aside honestly not very good, but I can’t help liking the feathered jouster.

Nice, what is the dot? Did you go attack path?



@Guvnor Your numbers appear to reflect what I’m seeing as well. It will be interesting to see if they hold up for a month. At that point, will SG see these numbers as being “normalized” and stop nerfing Telluria (and Vela) or will they want to reduce the usage even more? Only time will tell. :wink:


Day 7 Raids - One week since the nerf of Telluria and Vela. Observations are

  • My raid defense still doing poorly for the 5th day in a row!
  • My attacking team has shown little affect from the nerf of Telluria (I don’t have Vela).
  • Telluria still the most popular tank (7).
  • Kunchen was prominent again today (4)!

I went 15-5 attacking and 6-10 defending (once again under 50%). Of the 36 raid battles today (both attacking and defending), 29 were non-Telluria tanks. For the week, I went 126-23 attack and 49-66 defending. For the week out of the 264 raids (both attacking and defending), 218 were non-Telluria tanks. Here is the list of tanks I ran into today (I’ll tally the total for the week shortly):

  • Telluria - 7x
  • Kunchen - 4x
  • Miki - 3x
  • Richard - 3x
  • Boril - 2x
  • Raffaele - 2x
  • Vivica - 2x
  • Ariel - 1x
  • BT - 1x
  • cMagni - 1x
  • Elena - 1x
  • Elkanen - 1x
  • Kadilen - 1x
  • Magni - 1x
  • Onatel - 1x
  • Santa - 1x
  • Seshat - 1x
  • Ursena - 1x
  • Zimkitha - 1x
  • Zocc - 1x

For the week, I saw 46 Telluria tanks out 264 total. Telluria is still the most used tank, but many folks are “testing” various options. This week there are some heros that folks are using more as tanks than others:


Only to name a few.



Here is my update regarding Guinevere vs Ursena. Overall Guin defense did not perform as well as Telly defense did post nerf. I think the problem was having Ursena Flank. I either needed a maxed Sartana Costume or maxed Clarissa. I even dropped down to 2425 in cups. Both of those heros are at +7, but I have not tested them.

As for Ursena, i raided enough times last night to fill my raid chest three times until it needed a cooldown. I logged off with cups at 2828. I logged back on once before bed and ended up jumping to 2997 in CUPS. WOW. Than stayed off 8 hours until this morning. I woke up this morning to 2651 in CUPS. Overall last night my defense had 34 wins, 29 losses. In my raiding last night 90% were telly. Today, about 50% defense teams were Telly when they attacked me. So overall happy with the team below. Note, I always go full attack>defense on every hero except when I did telly. So for now, i am staying with this defense.



I think that an important consideration is that folks are just so freaking sick of Telly that they were looking for the opportunity to switch her out. I know that I was. But pre- “balance”, you felt like a chump if you did.

My alliance has faced a field of Telly tanks in 32/39 recent wars. We’ve been hard pressed to raid anyone without a Telly tank for almost as long. I think that she’s still a relevant hero but I’m super glad that she’s been dethroned.

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This defense looks brilliant, should keep you close to 2650-2700 ranges overnight.

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Thanks! I just wish I more Rogue emblems. I only have enough for +20 Alice and +7 Frigg…

With the increased emblem drop rate I wouldn’t worry about it, Frigg will get stronger quite quickly.

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@Darkness11 This is a great defense! Ursena is the top tank right now in my book! You have the perfect flanks that punish most lineups that folks will send against you. I’m jealous!

Regarding the Guinevere lineup, Clarissa does seem to be the optimal flank to pair with her like @Ysabella did. With both lineups, the key is having the ideal heros to pair with a given tank. I’m missing Ursena and cJoon. I have Joon+18, but not his costume. I think I need to start doing pulls during the costume event. Ursena may be out of reach. I don’t want to waste gems “trying” to pull her.


I do see your point @CmdCupcake. Prior to the nerf, there must have been 5 active threads discussing Telluria (if not more). Folks either wanted her nerfed because too OP, wanted her left alone because she was perfect for them or wanted folks to voluntarily move to something else because they were sick of seeing her everywhere. At this point, 2 of the 3 should be happy (or at least happier)! Telluria is still out there , but there definitely is more variety floating around.

As for wars, I would typically see most war opponents running with Green tanks to leverage the abundance of Telluria. Since the nerf, there has been 3 wars. Only one of the 3 ran with Green tanks. The 1st opponent post-nerf ran Red tanks which surprised me. The 2nd ran Green tanks. The current opponent is running with Purple tanks. Green and Purple tanks make sense to me. Both have a variety of strong options to chose from. I can see Yellow if everyone has one of the few tanks available in that color. Blue would be the worse choice.

Yeah, same for me. At the moment, i saved enough diamonds to do a 30 pull in Vallhalla maybe. For me personally, at the moment, the portal that makes the most sense, to go for it.

I still miss some of the 4* like the two elfes and some others.

And from the 5* i only have Tyr, mentioned earlier

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@Ysabella With all the portals they have now including the Tavern and Ninja portals, it will become crazy expensive to chase new heros or old ones. HOTM will be the easiest to get since you have a chance of getting one with all portals except the free daily and the troop portals. IF I luck out and get Ursena in the future, I’ll be quite happy, but it will not be the end of the world if I don’t. :wink:

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Haha yeah, it‘s not.

Costumes look also a good idea. Only did free pulls in that portal. Managed to get Isa costume. The only one 5* costume i have.

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I did the same in the very first costume event. I pulled cVivica. But the first version of the event, they didn’t give you the hero as well. That didn’t start until the 2nd costume event. It took 6 months before I finally got her out of my TC20.

I have a bunch of tokens, so I might as well see what comes out of the portal.

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@Guvnor @Razor @D_DI and others Would any of the new Ninja heros be part of the discussion regarding possible tanks or flanks?

:japanese_castle: Ninja Hero Thoughts & Discussion Thread

Or are these new heros more useful against titans and possibly for certain tournaments? I ask because I’m sure there are many wondering the same thing. :wink:

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For me personally I don’t rate any of the Ninja Heroes as being particularly Defence oriented… Main reason is:

  1. Their 1x attack is OK, not fantastic… but will be the most common time fired off.

  2. They are unpredictable exactly WHEN they will fire… sometimes at 1x, others at 2x others at 3x…

  3. If the “fire off” time is set to 3x, they may well never fire… as you kill them by 1x or 2x charge…
    Read more here: 🏯 Ninja Hero Thoughts & Discussion Thread

That being said, they could be servicable but in beta testing, I found them to be OK… Not great/ fantastic/ game changing.

On offence however, most of them are pretty amazing… but that isn’t the topic of this thread.

Just my $0.02


Perfect @Guvnor! I just wanted to put that topic to bed as it will asked over and over again! :wink:

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