Telluria/Vela nerfed! Ok, where do we go from here? Part 1 (Tanks)

I think LOTL makes a formidable tank. She has tank-like stats and her minions make for a serious meat-shield. At the same time, her minions are great mana controllers which keeps your opponent from every charging to fire. Add some fast flanks and devastating wings and you have a dangerous lineup. LOTL is another hero like, BK, Guinevere and Frigg, that are rare across the community.

@Jronny Unfortunately, I don’t have cKadilen. To be honest, I typically don’t do summons during the costume event. I have a lot of costume tokens as well. I might need to start using them.

I have also noticed the shift in the top tier alliances. I suspect that by the end of the year, we will see what direction they all go as far as new tanks and flanks. Right now, it still is not clear. I think there is a mix bag of heros across all of their rosters. Will just have to wait and see.

Agree @B1gHeadAss, but I think Purple tanks will also make a run for top element for tanks.


Yes, my guide is up-to-date. And Telluria is still, arguably, the best tank, while Vela is still a brutal flank. I think that people are overreacting about the nerf, it didn’t really change the situation.

This is very obvious in wars when you’re facing 20+ emblemed Tellurias, most of whom with Vela as a flank and you lose because you can’t charge up your heroes before Telluria fires.

Telluria is also a brutal tournament tank. For example, under the current rules it is more logical to use a red tank. But Telluria is still superior to almost all red heroes (exception: BK) both with her buffs and -mana generation.


Yeah, the only problem is I have just three tonics ąnd most of emblems went to Lady Locke but I think LotL may be a promising plan B after Telluria.

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@D_DI Sorry about that! Yes, I have noticed that the +100 emblemed teams with +27 or higher troops supporting them are still heavily using Telluria/Vela in their lineups. I doubt this will change anytime soon until a better option emerges. You, @Razor and @Guvnor, will probably see this long before the rest of us notice.


Agreed @djmindcrasher!

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I did a few attack raids with an unemblemed costume kadilen instead of Telly as a support hero. Oh boy it was fun, how I loved the countless dodges at fast speed.

And well, it did not take much more self-convincing, Vela is now talentless, Alby on +3 and will receive the next druid emblems, and the +20 went to:

I will monitor in the next days how my new defense holds the fort, plus I will play around with the order of heroes (for now I left a fast middle three, with Drake’s blind + Kadilen’s dodges it could be hard to hit me at the beginning of the match and allow even the average flanks to charge):

Paladin for now remains with Telly, but Costume Richard may get them to have a blue attacker instead of Vela. With the costume bonus he charges with 9 tiles and he certainly can take a few hits, which could be a good pairing for me with a 9 tile Ariel + Fenrir finisher in a war stack.


Looks good @Jronny! I’m interested in hearing how she does.

If purple tanks become meta, Malosi will be even more valuable as an offensive hero. Those who have multiple Malosi should probably think about leveling dupes.



Malosi- invaluable counter for most purple tanks

Blue has tons of attack damage for any red tank

Purple has plenty of strong options for Y-Tanks

Green…why? Blue tanks don’t really exist

Honestly… looks like weak fire damage still gives green command to me. I still can’t see a reason to replace the current champ. Other than, the landscape is becoming interesting.

If I had to replace that mana debuff, think I’d go with costumed Kad. Or the crab people king…
Atomos packs a punch
by comparison to his red cousin
And does a pretty good job at absorbing damage


Blue also has a LOT of defense down heroes: C.Kiril, Grimm, C.Magni, Finley, Athena, Isarnia, Frank (new Halloween hero), etc. Blue is also the only color to have two 5*'s who give elemental defense down (KA and Frida).


Yeah. Red tanks look beautiful on paper!
But the blue bench… red is made of paper…
I can’t ever see it working.
My BK did not perform at tank.
At flank though. :fire: is :crown:

For red to tank… people would have to change their stacking to disregard the tank. Unlikely

Enter raid formations. And turn this thread
Upside down
Inside out

@B1gHeadAss I agree with you regarding Malosi. I have one at 3/70 waiting to see how the “wind blows” over the next 4 to 12 weeks. I don’t want to “waste” the darts if Malosi will not be key to my overall usage.

@Pompitous cKadilen is better than I thought at tank. Atmos does pack a punch, but unless he is heavily emblemed, it’s easy to stack Red against him. I have yet to have an issue taking out Atmos at tank with a simple 2-1-1-1 Red lineup.

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Even in the current meta, Malosi is super useful. He can shut down most tanks. Unless you’re fishing for a Drake or C.Joon for defense or plan to pull heavily for Odin/Thor, then i would use Darts on Malosi

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@B1gHeadAss I completed leveling Poseidon and I’m working on White Rabbit now. Once I finish, I see what makes sense. I have a ton of tokens. I do plan on pulling for both heros. :wink:

Day 6 Raids - Observations are

  • My raid defense still doing poorly for the 4th day in a row!
  • Number of attacks on my defense has been decreasing since the first couple of days post-nerf.
  • Telluria still the most popular tank (7).
  • Kunchen and BT were prominent today (4)!

I went 23-4 attacking and 5-8 defending (once again under 50%). Of the 40 raid battles today (both attacking and defending), 33 were non-Telluria tanks. 8 were 4* heros used as tanks which surprised me that they even showed up in my raid option window. Here is the list of tanks I ran into:

  • Telluria - 7x
  • BT - 4x
  • Kunchen - 4x
  • Santa - 3x
  • Ares - 2x
  • Inart - 2x
  • Vela - 2x
  • Aegir - 1x
  • Ariel - 1x
  • By-Uif - 1x
  • cMagni - 1x
  • Elena - 1x
  • Evelyn - 1x
  • Finley - 1x
  • Gullinbursti - 1x
  • Guinevere - 1x
  • Horghall - 1x
  • LiXiu - 1x
  • Leonidas - 1x
  • Lianna - 1x
  • Magni - 1x
  • Proteus - 1x
  • Richard - 1x
  • Sir Roostley - 1x
  • Ursena - 1x
  • Zimkitha - 1x

Today I still see Telluria as the top tank, but many folks are “testing” further options or permanently switched to a different tank at least until something better becomes available.


I ended up using this defense setup, ariel is naturally better on flank:

Víctory rate today: 14-8, 63%
Victory rate last 12h: 7-3, 70%
Victory rate total c.kad tank: 21-11, 65%

I am pleasantly surprised by the performance of the defense. Majority of the attacks against me were from strong players, and many of those failed. For a moment the defense itself brought me up to 2800+, of course then it fell to 2615 with 4 lost matches. These high cup gains brought purely by defense happened occasionally with the previous version of telly/vela, definitely not with the current one.

The defense stays rather stable close to 2700, of course there will always be worst or better days, but on the first day the performance of the new def is better than what the current telly defense provided for me (which after the last nerf fell to low 2500 ranges daily with under 50% win ratios).

And I love her in attack as well, she brought a different dynamic and new fun skill to my attacking game. In one game ursena and alasie fired in one turn, all 6 hits were dodged :slight_smile:

I will update after a few days and after the war. But so far I am very happy that I switched with druid emblems to Costume Kadilen.


Stripped her days ago. Clarissa+20 says thanks. Telly says F*** **U, SG. Heimdall says, if only SG gave 6 tonics back, that could have been me…


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