Telluria´s healing Bug

Am I crazy or when you are facing telluria she gets 4 turns of healing??

i think you are right. … @Petri can you check that please?

I mean they just nerfed telluria and I don´t know if they fixed that but I was facing telluria yesterday and it happened to me twice… and the thing is that I didn´t pay attention before but I think that´s how usually works… (forgive my english is not my lenguage)

20 pins and needles

Was it an isolated incident? Or is it happening in every battle with Telly? If so, I would get a video as evidence.

Seems to be working fine unless it is a complicated issue. The healing icon is shared with other heroes so there may be a possibility that the other two turns you saw were someone else’s skill firing?

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Please note that this topic was posted yesterday, more than twelve hours before the balance update was released into the game.

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Still, there’s no harm in checking really.

Edit. Getting confused with multiple beta stats, sorry

This happened to me yesterday, before they nerfed telluria, so instead having 3 healings turn, it had 4.

It happened to me twice in the same battle

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