Telluria Raid Challenge

There has been a ton of talk about Telluria and how she isn’t overpowered (overpowered doesn’t mean invincible). What I propose is a challenge where people record their attacks against Telluria teams, but there are conditions.

1). You can only use season one heroes. HoTM that do not have spirit links are considered season one heroes, so you can use the first 10 if you have them.

2). You have to find and fight Telluria teams without Vela.

3). If you record your hits, you have to keep the video going. No pausing and resuming.

4). If you lose a raid against a team, you have to rematch until you win or run out of retries.

I will be recording and uploading my hits later today. Hopefully I get some people to participate in this with me. May the odds be n your favor.


On point 3, let them make a sandwich. They can just show the watchtower before a raid.
Season one costumes make a big difference. Charge Joon with crit troop six tiles. Once Telluria fires, three tiles will only charge Joon if he has the costume.

Why a restriction for Vela? I think it is interesting to see wins under given conditions over Telluria+Vela pair, as it consider the main the overpowering synergy.


HotM without element link? * cough * Natalya * cough *.

Though arguably she is not that frequent and now she’s gone (no, I don’t count those 0.05% from Tavern of Alchemy Lab), at least until HA.

Because people are saying that it’s Vela and Telluria that’s the problem.

Yes, it is a problem. But isn’t it a goal of this challenge to show how people deal with Telluria & C°? Those who would like to avoid Telluria + Vela will re-roll anyway and those who succeed will just demonstrate it.

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No. It’s to see how well people deal with just Telluria without Vela. Everyone keeps saying that Vela is the real issue as to why Telluria is so good and without Vela present, Telluria is a cake walk. If the challenge states you can only use s1 heroes, then the attacker is already disadvantaged, so avoid Vela and take on Telluria.

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It’s super weird, but I had more success using these heroes than I have using my regular teams against Telluria… Idk what it is, but maybe going mono, 4/1 or 3/2 against her isn’t the answer. I said it in the video and I’ll say it here…

I WAS WRONG. However, I will be posting another video… just waiting on the raid flags to replenish.


Let me try to share my raid.

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One more raid today. Surprisingly Telluria was not a tank, but a flank.

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Would love to participate @King_Kyree77 but don’t have enough season 1 heroes maxed to succeed I think. Have three 5* maxed and two 4* but the 4* are costumes. Alberich counts too I think since no element link.

Edit: so rechecked my roster and pulled it off. This was my first attempt and I was posting win or lose. Sif ended up being more of a problem than Tell in this particular match. Seriously thought it was a loss multiple times but Alberich literally saved the match.

Some of the audio is cutting out during the vid so didn’t catch all your commentary. However, this challenge was a good idea. Nice work :+1:

Before I even saw the heated posts about Telluria I found her at first impossible to beat and now just very difficult the majority of the time. When raiding to maintain diamond status I scroll through teams that I can at least be on even terms with. I avoid Telluria (it isn’t worth it) I will see a team rated 3900 with Telluria and I stand an even chance at best (I am 4253 currently). I find Vela tough but, doable. I have gotten crushed by heroes in the past where after a try or two I either figure it out or go on the forums for advice but, now I select opponents and so MANY people have Telluria (did everyone empty their bank account until they got her?). I must have rerolled ten times before I got someone without Telluria this morning. If she was not that powerful I am sure I wouldn’t see her quite as much as I do. Maybe a reroll button that says teams without Telluria only. I do feel bad for the developers for having to deal with this issue as they have been doing a really great job (IMHO) on this game for the most part (keeps me playing).