Telluria Nerfs On Hold

just thought the general playerbase should know that further nerfs of telluria and vela are on hold for now.

should be some kind of relief i guess.


As always you have a poetic way with words…


lol it would be nice if i didn’t have to stifle such a gift due to all the rules and sensitivity


I feel Telluria is still present on many defences just because a lot of people invested emblems on her rather then still be the best tank.
I don’t feel any further adjustment is required (and i still question the first two nerf).

Literally send her to oblivion just to force people drop her no matter what is kinda unnecessary.

Give them time.


still beefy stats for an average mana tank

any average mana replacements with same durability you can think of that also manipulate mana generation?

fwiw i didnt think the latest round of changes was necessary. wont dive into the ones before that.

just think the nerfing due to popularity was a hard line i wish devs hadn’t crossed, at that point it becomes pretty clear game balance wasn’t the motivation for such a move.

just pointing out that i don’t think players are still using telluria just because of investment since devs increased the return for undoing such an investment.

also don’t think players pulled her because she was no longer best at her position, but pulled her to get ahead of the curve of further decimation

just speculation though


Guinevre emblemed for defence, but we know that Guinevre is a no go anymore.

I repeat myself but i think that actually an Ursena return could be a better choice for wars.


Wait till the ninjas hit the field then we’ll be down this very same rabbit hole.

That’s who will replace Tell.

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I’ve heard that but still don’t see it.

defense teams have always relied on consistency

ninjas don’t seem to provide that


I’ve thought about ursena

just issue is she doesnt seem to have the same durability as what we’ve grown used to in the past 6 months so is seen as a bit of a relief

you could be right though


Just swap in the blue and red ninjas for Gravemaker and Vela. You’ll have the exact same setup as before and now have to deal with a ninja family bonus to boot.

Alliance mate already ran into a fully emblemed pair in a 4700+ team.

Once everyone figures that out, maybe, just maybe, Vela/Tell might get a buff or two back.

I feel so bad for laughing out loud at this…


I’ve ran into the blue one a few times myself

the random “vfast; average; vslow” mana speed makes him a bit of a liability more than an asset to a defense team, especially since the vfast charge is single target which is a relief compared to defenses full of AoE

just plain healers haven’t been a huge threat in defense teams in a long time. it’s what made kunchen a 2nd choice compared to Ursena.

maybe it’s the red ninja’s better heals than grazul that makes her more relevant than the “consistent vfast every match” grazul but personally a healer(red ninja) that will charge vfast, average , or vslow seems like a much safer tile dump than other red flank options like gm, kestrel, anzogh, or even marjana at this point


Ofc ppl still have telly when they wasted emblems on it and maybe dont have other tank…


doesnt a reset token return all the emblems and a decent portion of resources?

dont think the emblem investment is the issue.

this one is likely except in the top end where players have 40-60+maxed 5s to choose from but is where telly wars are still taking place

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Yes and no from me…

She’s a lot like Telluria in terms of what she does, but she doesn’t do it nearly as well. Gaps a lot closer now for sure, but I think Telluria still wins simply due to better defensive stats.

Guin has a lot going for her though indeed. Mana reduction to all paired with a much meatier HoT and the dark defense buff is hard to break through for anyone not named Seshat. And she is fairly durable too, but just not as durable as Telluria IMO.

I use her as my tank right now but it’s not like I have anyone better for that spot. But then again, I think she’s the 3rd best tank in the game even after all this time, I really don’t think there are many other better tanks than her.


I still use Kunchen with success, I think its mostly due to the flanks I have for him I never thought he was bad. but I never new he would be average to above average for so long, I may swap him for tellu soon but we shall see.

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Telluria nerf soon be replaced by cobalt nerf

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think this was a reasonable suggestion

@ManiacOfMayhem i was against this idea in the beginning, but further poor handling of the situation by devs has definitely swayed me to have to agree with you that they should just make things right instead of continuing this :poop: show


Thank man, only took 4 months to gain another ally, but hey it’s one more voice against this nonsense.

My brynhild now holds higher trophies than telluria…it’s great!:joy:


They’re going to be nerfed until S3 tanks will be on top of their statistics. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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