Telluria nerfing rumors

Yeah guy- sounds like your Alliance is full of story tellers. Making up “ nerf stories” and getting you to “ chicken little” it on the forumns. If your looking for a new Alliance … check out my art contest entry in the new “play together apart” contest. Mines one of the first entries with the “ stickmen ”


There’s a very slim chance, but you can’t say there’s ‘no chance’ (in all caps or otherwise). Obviously if enough people petitioned SG and threatened to quit the game they’d consider it.

I don’t think they’ll want to nerf a hero after release because it would create a precedent, and there would be less incentive for big spenders to go all out trying to get powerful new heroes for fear SG will nerf them in the future. Or to put it another way, some people consider HotM to be an investment, and would not be okay with their investments being devalued. You cannot say never though, because you simply don’t know. No matter how many times you shout it in all caps on the forums you don’t have the authority to make that claim with complete confidence.


How do you know he’s not Mark Pincus?

Also, I don’t remember him saying “never”. Can you show it to me?

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You missed when he shouted in all caps (on several threads) there is no chance and it’s just not going to happen. Semantics!

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Your only allowed to fight about a topic on 1 thread guys… your crossing a line here.


Didn’t Telluria already get nerfed once while still in Beta like not long before her release? I remember it being mentioned somewhere, but I can’t find where I saw it. @zephyr1?

I can’t imagine her being nerfed again.


Yes, Telluria was nerfed in Beta, pre-release.


Let me play the role of nerf police.

What was done to Telluria before she was released was not a “nerf”. It was an adjustment to the design of a hero before being introduced into the game. If we’d have never heard about the version 0.9 stats, then when version 1.0 was released in the game we’d have never realized anything at all.

A nerf is when a hero that’s already released and live in-game gets adjusted. Once people have paid for her/him. And that’s a completely different story.

So Telluria had better darn well NOT get nerfed, now that this hero is released and in-game. That’s totally unfair and, it is also unnecessary. This hero is not OP. Leave it alone.


Moderators could consider merging this thread with other “nerf” threads, or just closing it down completely. Not sure this is really adding anything new as its own topic.


What is the obsession with merging topics… I swear some people get a woody over “closing” or “merging” topics.


Some people like following one Telluria discussion thread instead of several.

Each to their own, I guess.

It’s not that Telluria herself is OP; it’s her synergy with Vela and GM that seems to be the issue. It reminds me of when the best defense was GM tank with a Zeline flank to discourage blue stacks.

I think that the GM - Telluria - Vela combo will eventually be “nerfed” the same way Guinevere was: through new heroes designed specifically to counter them. A fast red hero that turns DOT into HOT, perhaps. But a direct nerf to Telluria is unlikely.


I think the buff inhibiting special of Malosi already is a counter. But yes, that seems to be the pattern of releasing new great heroes and then counters. Malosi/Norns also a good counter to the yurple defenses.

:+1: Bringing Norns to an Ursena fight (oops) lol

Telluria already has several counters in a strong color, Grazul, Zimkitha, and Anzogh come to mind. Red could use a dispellers that resist water damage to help counter the Telluria/Vela combo but I would let them ride for a while. It makes for some interesting/challenging raids.

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Kash should be neferd first

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FWIW, I don’t have her. I wouldn’t nerf her. She just requires an alternate strategy than “stack a bunch of opposite colors against a tank”. It can be done, and proper attack synergies on offense will get you a win.

That may be unpopular, but I look at her as a hero that is forcing something of a change of established tactics to deal with her and the opposition (I usually see her with Vela, Kingston, gravy/Marjana and whatever else is out there). Careful play and and selective targeting can get you a win as a lot of her support is squishy.

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Sooooo, what is your strategy if you aren’t stacking red? You pretty much HAVE to stack red unless you have a status blocker like Malosi or Grazul (I do not).

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Closing this topic as it has veered off topic quite substantially now.

There is no confirmation or anything about a Post Release Nerf of Telluria. There was a Request thread which has been closed due to people not being civilised with each other; this may/ not be reopened in a week’s time depending on how much mods feel like policing and babysitting it…
Nerfing Telluria (Mar 2020 HOTM) ---> POLL IN POST #2; [Staff Comment Post #1445 & #4422]

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