Telluria nerfing rumors

So a lot of players in my alliance are saying they heard that Telluria is bound to be nerfed. Is that true? What changes are planned if?

Why Telluria and not the biggest overpower fails Aegir and Gravemaker?

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I hope not. I don’t want Telluria nerfed. I don’t even have the hero and I don’t think it needs to be nerfed.

Rumors are also baseless, btw.


All I’ve seen is a bunch of players asking for it and a bunch of other players saying “dear god, no”

For the record, I’m in the “dear god, no” camp


Rumors will be rumors. Aegir not really op imo. Can be easily dispelled and kind of a passive tank. I dont see Telluria any more OP than heroes like Guin, Ursena or BK. Instead of nerfing Telly, imo, they should buff some heroes like Margaret lol


True on that. Margaret is actually worthless. Cannot think of any battle (either my or opponents side) where Maragaret was in the least amount responsible for a win/loss. It’s a great idea behind her SF but it just doesnt work right.

What good is 20%-90% chance when all that happens is that the 20% are rolled and oops, sorry, no evade. Blam! She’s gone.


So what they are more likely to do is let her dominate the meta for a few months, then release a fast red dispeller or some other counter that you “must have”

If you can sell the disease you can sell the cure


Telluria is less OP than Finley. If Telly is even considered for a nerf it better be AFTER Finley gets neutered.


I am confused by essentially every single word in this post.

  1. If your alliance mates are saying Telluria is going to be nerfed why didn’t you ask THEM what changes are planned (since they seem to be implying that they have inside info)?
  2. If this is information you were provided in your alliance, how did that conversation go? What sources were cited? Did you look up that material? What does it suggest about the likelihood of a nerf and what that may look like? Why aren’t you sharing it with us in your post so we can have an informed discussion?
  3. Very few would list Aegir and Gravemaker in the same tier. So confused about that that I’m not even sure how to phrase a question around it.
  4. What does “overpower fail” mean? Is that like how a double negative cancels out (proof positive! - lol Clue reference if anyone can appreciate that)? So does that mean Aegir and Gravemaker are UNDER-powered?

considering the amount of votes the nerf telluria thread got (vs amount to buff JF for example), I don’t even think it’s a bunch of players; just a few very vocal ones.


Buff Toth Amun…


with all the S3 heroes coming, if Telluria is nerfed, then when they are all out, including the S3 equivalent of Ursena (Final Boss), Telluria would be underwhelming…they have a plan that extends beyond March 31, 2020


Why would you nerf her? I mean currently only 43 of the top 50 have her at tank…what a frkng joke. Never should have been released as is, except that SG knew they could grab millions from the minions here that throw ,money hand over fist at them.


I don’t see the problem with introducing new and interesting heroes. Already Malosi is an effective counter against support heroes and mixed damage/support heroes like Telluria.


I wonder how many bad SG rumors started with that line


Yeah guy- sounds like your Alliance is full of story tellers. Making up “ nerf stories” and getting you to “ chicken little” it on the forumns. If your looking for a new Alliance … check out my art contest entry in the new “play together apart” contest. Mines one of the first entries with the “ stickmen ”


There’s a very slim chance, but you can’t say there’s ‘no chance’ (in all caps or otherwise). Obviously if enough people petitioned SG and threatened to quit the game they’d consider it.

I don’t think they’ll want to nerf a hero after release because it would create a precedent, and there would be less incentive for big spenders to go all out trying to get powerful new heroes for fear SG will nerf them in the future. Or to put it another way, some people consider HotM to be an investment, and would not be okay with their investments being devalued. You cannot say never though, because you simply don’t know. No matter how many times you shout it in all caps on the forums you don’t have the authority to make that claim with complete confidence.


How do you know he’s not Mark Pincus?

Also, I don’t remember him saying “never”. Can you show it to me?

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You missed when he shouted in all caps (on several threads) there is no chance and it’s just not going to happen. Semantics!

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Your only allowed to fight about a topic on 1 thread guys… your crossing a line here.


Didn’t Telluria already get nerfed once while still in Beta like not long before her release? I remember it being mentioned somewhere, but I can’t find where I saw it. @zephyr1?

I can’t imagine her being nerfed again.


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