Telluria nerfed, how effective it was?

Too strong? Did u ever faced frigg odin or ninjas? How much do you want to nerf her? Till they make her equal to aife? She got nerfed twice already. If you still can’t beat her then u need to upgrade your hero’s in roaster.


Telluria is definitely NOT too strong right now. She is still strong, but very beatable. Of course depending on your roster.

If you raid mainly in platinum, then she may be a bit hard for you to beat, but the power of the 5* has to be adjusted to the highest, diamond league.

Before, Telluria was quite hard to beat even by the best players (especially six of those, when in war), right now she’s not such a pain. Moreover, within past few months, there were a few tougher-than-her tanks released.

So, if you still vote for Telluria nerf, you should scream about nerfing some other new pain-in-the-■■■ cards :slight_smile:.

Of course I am not advocating for you to scream :slight_smile:

I second that, give the stink eye an eye patch or dark sunglasses. Should reduce her AI attack to about 5 points…

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Okay, I think I see the problem here: do not cook your heroes! Sure, they come out tender and juicy, but there are many, many counters to that, like Costumed Boldtusk’s “Cream Sauce” attack and Skadi’s “Lutefisk Slap.” :wink:

More to the point, I agree with the general sentiment that Telluria is now merely a good tank that needs to be strategized for, not an OP terror. I actually dislike facing Guinevere more, but I can strategize for her as well. Odin is strong but beatable. The ninjas hurt my feelings, but I’ll learn.

In fact, I’ll go further: now that Telluria has been pulled back to the pack, I want my Vela back. My poor Vela got turned from Great to Good to Lame. I’d at least like her to be Good again.


This is what I see nowadays too, which is good and annoying .
I see a lot of Freya as tank too - hate her because of the mana cut when you kill her

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Her mana cut has counters too…if only RedHood 's minions can stay alive long enough and of course Seshat’s resist too.

I think you never met the red ninja with two of the following Odin Frigg C Kadilen…

I just love fighting telly with my skadi. Let telly go off and skdi crushes all the minions causing a 5 Stack of frost demage and segnificant Mana slow. You then just need to watch the enemy freeze to death.

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Get off Telluria already. There are way stronger tanks out there now than she ever was. Frigg is much more OP than the original Telluria. Krampus is another one. Stop whining about Telly already, she got nerfed 3 times and she is nowhere near that strong now. Go and cry about Frigg, Finley, BK, Odin, Krampus, Garnet, Cobalt or any of the upcoming S4 and league of villains heroes, those are like 6*s and leave poor Telluria alone.


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Telluria is the weakest “strong” tank out there. I lick my chops when I see a war opponent for the first time and they are green with heavy Tellurias. Advantage, us! Telly is a tile dump. You only lose with the worst boards out there that are unwinnable versus anything anyways. Good defenses win despite her with dangerous flanks and wings (I.e. Cobalt, Jabberwock, Finley, Killhare, Frigg, Odin, BK.). I often wonder if those teams would do better without a tank at all…just four heroes charging quicker without the Telly meat shield.

I am one of the unlucky ones who got telluria along with vela… i think we are talking for the most nurfed couple in the whole game history… i spent some thousand of Euros and when i got a strong tank, SG nurfed it 3-4 times… i guess that current defensive line up with 3 ninjas, frigg and odin is a normal defense line up that needs no nurf, or no adjustment… most probably they are waiting to receive more money frim players aiming for this group before start nurfing them as well. Viva SG

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Very ineffective NERF ss so to Telly and Vela are idk what to say just taking space in the rooster and not useful in offense now…
Defense my be Vela had some shine but whit her ridiculous dmg of 200 or even less is its shame.

They were powerful heros back than but now we have even more powerful -ninjas Frigg and Odin.

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