Telluria nerfed, how effective it was?

Must say Telluria isn’t a treat anymore.

At first i thought it was an exageration of Telluria owners, but after a bit of raids i notice quite the difference.
Raids that before was a pure zero on the opponent dead count, now you can recover and even win.

She is a bit Aegir-ish now. Dump tiles on her until your heroes (even mana slowed) are full.
Her damage is really low, so you can let her fire twice without problems.

As it is now, i think Ursena or BK could be better tanks.


After raiding for a few days I think Telluria is still tanky enough, not very broken, but not garbage either. Still seeing her a plenty. Vela is still annoying to face and using her on offense is still effective. For me though Telluria became noticeably easier as I maxed out Skadi and took her for testing runs, and she definitely kicks lower end of spine.


I think Telluria is in the right spot now. Basically I’d review her as still viable as a tank but can now be compared with other choices.

Which is where we wanted her right? She shouldn’t be an auto-include or a prerequisite to joining an Alliance. I have other Paladins I could now think about having as the tank.

In the changes to war it could bring other choices into play too.

Which is a healthy place for the game to be in I think.


It would be nice to know whether the % Telly/Vela in raids determines whether another nerf takes place or whether the % in war factors into the decision

Many folks in the top alliances are ditching Telly and Vela in raids To lower that % due to concern that if they nerf them further it will disrupt wars and turn them into less desirable heroes. I hope SG waits for all the counters to come out before continuing their assault on them. Vela in particular is already suffering by being over nerfed.

Vela doesn’t seem to be suffering that badly. Mine is +18 and still doing a good job for me still.

But this thread isn’t for this debate so it’s off topic

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Prior to the nerf I was already seeing fewer Telly tanks in upper diamond.
Post nerf it seems that there are fewer than that. The Titan Mafia data will show us top 100 results.

The nerf was very effective. Small tweaks yes, but it is at the margins that we win or lose. So, less damage (she is an AoE so less but x5, 796 (Telly - Damage) to enemy team to 450), less healing (16 per round per hero) and weaker minion shield (from approx 200hp to 140hp) with around 60hp less. It adds up.

Telly is now easier to beat, much easier. She isn’t useless but she is no longer fearsome (her HoT is only two turns as is her mana reduction).

My biggest objection to the nerf is that she no longer seems good on offense. I have taken her on some raids and she really fluffs her lines.
The heal is now too low to really help the team. C-Rigard is faster and heals more (609hp/3 turns vs. 274hp/2 turns) not to mention he cleanses and buffs the attack (the cleanse is often as good as a heal now with so many DoTs in the game).

The nerf effectively reduced Telly’s healing by ~95hp/per hero each time she fires.
C-Rigard heals for as much as 609hp, Telly up to 414hp when including the minion.
Therefore, if wanting a healer for your attacking team, Telly is no longer enough. Bringing two healers leaves you too passive.
Telly would be interesting on offense if the mana slow and healing were bumped up to three turns (keeping the heal per turn the same).

The nerf was extremely effective. She remains a decent tank but no longer shines in any other role.


@Rigs… spot on

20 spot ons

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But please read ny comment as well…

I have 2 ascended 5 star Greenes: Kingston and Telluria

I have 2 ascended 5 star blues: Miki and Vela

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yea players in your situation or similar, have been disappointed the most in all of this i believe

I’ll stick with what i know and use Saders as an example

in our alliance when discussing defense alternatives, we have numerous options

could fairly use an effective tank in any color, blue probly being the least effective due to the limited viable options available in the game

wings, we could use any color without having to resort to slow or average

flanks, same thing

just pick from one of 6-10+ maxed 5s per color and make a viable defense and move on

but players without that luxury are being screwed pretty hard especially Alliances in Alliances wars that these 2 hotm put them closer to having uniformed defenses than they ever would have had prior to their release and now have to decide between sub optimal defense synergies, maybe even rollin back to 4* heroes, or running defenses without uniformed color coordinations

i never would have expected SG to release a statement saying they’ll continue to deteriorate player’s heroes until they stop using them, as far as marketing that is pretty poor PR and i don’t blame any player refusing to put anymore money into the pockets of such a frustrating development team

btw @Aunty i know this isn’t the direction you wanted this thread to go

so if you want @littleKAF or @JonahTheBard to move my posts to a more relevant thread for such discussion, makes sense and probly not a bad idea


I’m not experiencing this. Her mana slow is unchanged. And since when was Telly’s role a
damage/hero killer?!..
The damage didn’t matter before either. It’s almost a meaningless adjustment!
Her purpose was…
…what it still is!
To absorb tiles/damage and protect the flanks/wings long enough to unload on you. Same purpose as any other good tank.

If you are:

Then you must be fighting enemies with garbage flanks and wings. They are still the threat in my gaming experience. And Telly still does a decent job of protecting them and slowing me down long enough to be a problem.

I think she’s just fine. Especially for a Hotm…

It’s unfortunate that it took this long to fix the raid buttons and wars. But they were determined to leave Telly average speed, and that made the fix complicated.

Haven’t done any raiding since yesterday… Came online a few minutes ago.


8 wins
4 losses

That’s a 67% success ratio in defense!
My Guin is down to 62%.
I’m thinking Bera is to blame…

People are jumping the gun for removing
Telly from defense…
But I’m glad they are! I’ve had to change my attack squad a few times. I forgot how fun that was


Its 16:6 in the last 24 hours. So yeah no need to change anything for me.

Will test Zimkitha instead of Vela though.

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I straight up can’t win raids now with Telluria in tank and this awful tile generating algorithm - which is really what they need to be nerfing. Just feeds the element you do t have, and also starts the board heavy with it…

i still see some Tellurias on the leaderboards.

I have started to face 3.800-4200 Velurias teams. (Till few days ago I wasn´t able to assemble 3 reds against her (boldtusk, 3.70 Marjana and Scarlett) Despite her damage down, I have lost most matches due to very bad starting boards: Their special combined, despite not being lethal provide the defense team a heavy sustain that buy time to finish the job.

I totally agree telly is now useless a the character I built her up to be, very little point using her now, which seems to have been the intent all along, I’ve replaced her in my set up, but the good thing with the nerf of this char is it’s saving me a fortune in real money as I’m not spending any more on the game to have another character crippled when you start to win too many times with them in your team


My Telluria defense is now about as effective as my cup dropping defense. I’m not bothering to change it now. Just leave Telluria in. I don’t care if they nerf Telluria and Vela again. I don’t care anymore how quickly they kill the franchise.

She’s been near-enough useless as the character I built her up to be since nerf #1 - attacking support - and I haven’t been using her, even on later war teams.

I’m glad the defensive monotony has been broken a bit… Telly may be too passive to perform without higher damage flanks now (I’m fine with that) but that’s kind of what needed to happen.

I half wonder whether the intention was to nerf a bit too much (to shock the system and break the stranglehold) and then revisit in six months or so and buff up a bit once the monotony has been broken and the dust has settled… Probably wrong, I doubt it’s anything quite so planned as that, but it may end up happening that way - time will tell.

As for me… I’ve actually been having fun the last couple of days hitting GTV with 3-2 blue/green and 3-1-1 blue/yellow/purple…
Telly is now passive enough that I feel okay to treat her as a tile soak and then hit up with Snow White - so many status effects on these defences that she’s hitting max damage without much difficulty, and Telluria isn’t punishing bad boards enough to stop me winning most raids this way at the moment. It’s not perfect but it’s actually quite good fun to do something that shouldn’t really work (stack weak to the tank) and actually come out winning.


I feel the same and always tried to make the point that it was her damage that was the problem not the minions, heal, or negative mana gen.

I wish theyD just buff her other parts and Remov e the damage completely, even damage from the minions.

The real issue is we didn’t receive our Tonics and Telescopes back, refunds need to be given. Some people don’t even have Telluria but their maxed out Vela is useless.


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