Telluria nerfed, how effective it was?

I have chatted with Staff elsewhere and asked if they can pass along updates about the efficacy of the balance changes over a couple of time periods.

For me personally, the metric I elected to use was to just do a bunch of Re-Rolls in diamond raid arena.

Yesterday about 3 hours after the changes I did 40 re-rolls (2650 trophies):

  • 18x Telluria Tanks
  • 1x Telluria Flank
  • 21x Defences without Telluria.

I didn’t have any data from before the balance changes were announced but I’m pretty confident that the #'s were a lot higher haha



50x Rerolls.
Starting Trophies – 2599

Telluria & Vela - 11
Telluria Tank (no vela) - 13
Telluria & Vela Elsewhere - 1 (Both flanks)
Telluria Elsewhere - 1
Vela Only - 3 (2 flank, 1 tank)
No Telluria or Vela - 21

Total Telluria Tanks = 23 – (46%)
Total Non-Telluria Tanks = 27 – (54%)

Telluria Tank, Vela Flanks = 11 – (22%)
Vela Flanks = 14 – (28%)
Non-Vela Flanks = 36 – (72%)


Your commitment to data gathering is greatly appreciated!

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Raiding telly vela after the 3rd nerf:

Yeah they are easier now.

Even with all 4* red team i can still win some (and lose some). Previously this is almost impossible.

I don’t have evidence like the above, but anecdotally, I have found that telly and vela are easier to beat, but my boards seem to be worse than they were? Maybe…



Congrats getting to top 3 global. But, hey, I thought you retired. I just read your name last night in Farewells - MASTER List - Add your favourite past forum great or player who quit [WIKI].

With regard to the recent Telluria nerf, I still think that she is still the premier tank and it is premature that players changed tanks or stripped Telly of emblems in favor of other heroes. Sure, the synergy with the Veluria is apparent as Vela now is not even a shell of her former self. It is just now a question of who would best replace Vela to flank Telly. Of course, GM would be the other flank. No other blue hero can do what Vela could, even nerfed: damage all, deals DoT, debuffs attack to all, all at fast mana. But there are players, elite ones, who are using Telly as tank but supported by no single blue hero, yet they have a formidable defense.


I sort of did. And then came back for my daily dose. I’ve heavily cut my spending though, at mo all three accounts are without vip or valour pass.

But managed I cut :smoking: (4 months ago) and they say you are supposed to get rid of one addiction at time, or doomed to fail. Happier this way.


Thanks for the update. I have a Tell tank and was just trying to see how the changes affected my defense in raids. I don’t think I noticed much of a loss in fight numbers, but it seems my trophy loss has increased as it is harder to stay in the 2600-2700 area now. I will keep Telly for a bit to see how it goes still, but I really think that if they are looking to have a widespread use of heros for tanks/flanks/wing they will never achieve it because there will always be one option better then the rest for most people and those who can will build around that hero and spend to get that hero.

Someone mentioned worse tiles? I always notice them the most after game update, but then again I probably complain about them all the time haha.

Just curious who people are using now to replace Tell? Are you going with S3 heros? I’m limited to my roster of S1 and S2 heros. No longer spending on the game and trying to look for a good team if I have to replace Tell. I may go back to BK, but the blue offensive teams can be really strong. Similar problem with using Aegir and green offensive teams. I like Tell because the red offensive heros I found to be much weaker then any other color.

Have fun with what you got.

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My boards yesterday good and the fact that Velluria doesn’t kill you with first hit gave me a bit more time to collect mana. In fact I was able to take full load from GM-Tell-Vela and lived to win the match.

It’s been long time I have felt game was nothing more than purely lucky based (bad opening board, bye bye) but I sort of felt it had some small hope for moving skill based.

What I miss from the original Telluria was her being a playable hero in offense, maps and quests. Unlike most tank where they only excel at tanking and does not offer much in offensive raiding and in maps and quests, Telluria’s initial damage may not be as strong as other AOE heroes, but she provides Heal Over Time and minions to all allies. Now, her initial damage has been significantly reduced on an already poor damage-dealing hero, her HOT doesn’t give much health as before, and that her minions easily die nowadays. The sad thing is, I only have Alberich as substitute for the HOT and I don’t have a green minion summoner except Buddy and I dont have a decent AOE nature hero to replace Telly in offensive raiding or in maps or quests.


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@Ian487 please, let’s keep this “i want my this and that back” -free.

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Ok (but I still want them back) :wink:. Anyway, on topic, my attitude towards Telluria dramatically changed over time. I was one of the nerf supporters and I think the first nerf was welcomed, but now they’ve gone too far… the butchering of these two great heroes was unnecessary. I, for one, hope Telluria keeps her well deserved all time #1 tank position, I very much enjoied hunting her and her usual friends these last month… anyway, even if she becomes a foot note, SG should always remember where the release of extremely OP heroes leads to… cause the player base sure won’t forget what having their heroes butchered feels like. I think the most important aspect of this nerfing soap opera aftermath will not be best reflected on the battlefields but in trust loss SG suffered after the GTV episode.

Anyway, browsing top100, things don’t seem to have changed much. I guess Telluria+20 is still the tank of choice for over 50% of the top players. One thing changed though… Vela’s nowhere to be seen… oh, and Deadlift switched to BK and fell out of top 10 :grin::grin::grin:


Depends if your intention was to make me lose more than I win now, then nerfing Telluria was very effective

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So in today’s war, my Velluria front was one shotted five times. That hasn’t happened til now. Only one war, but feels like this particular swing of nerf bat has connected right where it hurts

Certainly raiding her has become less challenging. Previously it was close to game over when she fired, now you still have a chance, which is actually good

I think I am going to strip emblems from both of them and use a Heimdall tank with Lepus flank. That should go ok :+1:

Overall as a Telly and Vela owner I feel. This round has worked and was probably necessary


I did a few raids also…and is like she is not even there. Even if she fires 1.2 times…she can’t do nothing. I lost a few raids, but just becouse of the boards not becouse TV.


Always interest me how we decide whether a hero is overpowered and needs a nerf. For me it entirely depends on the boards.

Good boards I don’t have a problem I’m happy and the games good.

Bad boards then the games rubbish, RNG is against me and all the heroes are overpowered.

Do testers raid with rainbow boards and heroes with same attributes to test how powerful heroes are.

For me it’s the boards


fwiw it doesn’t matter what testers do or how they test

their feedback is of little to no value to devs anyways…if it was more valuable a lot of problems we have or have had would have been avoided

but to answer your question how a typical experienced player or tester would determine how effective or ineffective a hero is on defense or offense, is usually based on how easy or hard it is to recover from an average or worse board

to test against defenses, testers don’t change the way they set up their teams as far as changing styles from mono to 3-2 to rainbow etc etc unless they want to specifically test those styles. at least from what i can tell anyways as i haven’t seen any beta feedback specifically saying they use a different style in beta than they would in live game

one thing that noticeably changed with the new meta from the old was how many turns a player had before & after the front 3 defenders fire before the match is unrecoverable

there was times guin & company could fire multiple times and a player still at least had a chance at winning(of course the chance went down each time they fired)

whereas this new meta, at least upon initial full release, 2 out of 5 heroes firing in defense lowered the chance to recover noticeably more drastically than previous setups

telluria and vela combo originally was pretty over the top, I’ve found it surprising that was ever up for debate

but in recent months after some changes, they seemed fine to me and players used them because they were still best available. but availability doesn’t equate to OP unless you ask devs who feel players aren’t spending enough on s3 to get these new heroes but that’s moreso as the s3 heroes are pretty luckluster and don’t bring a ton of useful variety to the table than what we already had

players that have mn or alby aren’t goin to dumpa bunch of cash to chase heimdall

players that have 1 or more marjanas maxed already aren’t goin to jump and chase gefjon

players that have 1 or more blue snipers already aren’t going to chase fenrir

etc etc etc

s2 heroes, event heroes, and past hotm have been more vaulable to the playerbase due to how unique they were upon release

devs have ran out of steam in s3 so their answer to increase the value of newer lackluster heroes is to deteriorate the old ones down to unusable and force a player to quit, spend, or just go f2p and watch as the time or money or both already invested fails to remain relevant as new bushy eyed players fall into the same ol trap everyone else already has


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You Jokesters, gimme data, videos, something else than just angry words. I know you feel disappointed but there are plenty of other topics to vent.


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