Telluria minions

To me I believe that telluria minions may be bugged mono red team and 3 direct tiles hit minion and was unable to destroy the minion I’m pretty sure that the minions are bugged and have more Health than they should

Who were your heroes?

What was the enemy team? Was the Telluria Emblemed up the Wazoo?

Was there a Vela flank who had put an attack debuff on your heroes?

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My current Telluria has 1503 Health Points and each minion draws 18% HP from Telluria including the minions that goes to other allies.

1503 × 18% (or 0.18) = 270.54 ~ 271

271 HP per minion would not be taken out in three tiles by a mono red team

Depends largely on the Team… I’ve had mono red teams doing 400 points of strong damage. More if it’s a critical hit.

More likely is that there was an attack debuff in play, probably from Vela flank.

Yeah, sounds like typical vela.

When your mono team is around 750 attack per hero, makes 3750 in total.

Vela reduces down 54% what makes around 1800 attack rating left.
And this against tellurias defense of over 1000 (pvp bonus, troops bonus etc) can get your damage breaking off very badly.

Tested a few times and can confirm that two telluria minions will not be beaten in such case.

If your problem really was with 1 minion, that would be surpising. But we would need exact information of you team, Emblems on tellu, buffs on tellu etc.

With all the trouble with her, i didnt see any Bugs so far. :slight_smile:

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