Telluria minions being removed

Has anyone noticed that grimble is removing telluria minions I thought telluria was suppose to resist that

Are you sure Telluria’s Minion isn’t just dying from Grimble’s AoE hit?


AoE means “Attack on Enemy,” @Joseyeli. Or in Grimble’s case, “Attack on Everyone.”

With Telly’s minions being nerfed to only draw 13% HP from the caster instead of 18%, her minions are easy to beat with direct attack damage, which is what Grimble likely did with his initial 235% damage to all enemies.


People sometimes also use it as “Area of Effect”


Dang. I knew I should’ve consulted the fictionary!


No they got removed. It’s a shame i didn’t record it

Right after I used special skills he went off and took them it was strange never happened before the nerf. But you are probably right being that they weakened telluria minions grimble wiped them out

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The minion is killed by damage.

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