Telluria: male or female

“Tellus Mater,” yes, “Telluria”? :wink:

“-ia” suffix is generally female: Olivia, Lydia, Julia, Sophia, malaria, chlamydia…wait, what are we talking about?



Please fix the incorrect male translation.

Lol case closed on Tellus Mater who in all depictions is a human woman. Too bad that isn’t Telluria whose only depiction is of a satyr…case adjourned until further evidence is produced

Yea, dude, they’d name a hero Tellus Mater for sure, might as well give a free Latin lessons. :t_rex:
A lot of heroes are from mythologies so that is it, 100%.
Also mostly female cast minions: Seshat, Delilah, Raven, Lady of the Lake, Inari…And that Puss seems suspicious…
DEAL WITH IT, shes a guuuuurl.

Also look at the order of HOTM from 2019 till now:

It goes female-male-female etc…So month before was JF, I know he’s French, but still I think it leads us to conclusion that Telluria is a she. Imagine calling a guy Telly, cmon ppl!

Yeah that’s been mentioned like four times in this thread lol

Guess you kind of ignored that part

Plus many people argued GM is female so there’s that…hardly empirical proof…but since you’re so adept at google please link a photo of your Tella Mater that shows her as a Satyr (which in the original a Greek mythology were exclusively male)

Bottom lines there are arguments for both sides, hardly a “case closed” issue.

But hey, guess none of that matters. You are certainly getting worked up over something so mundane when there are so many other issues going on in the game right now that warrant more scrutiny than this topic.

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If you want to quote that, you should add since 2019 because Zimkhita and Evelyn are female back to back.

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My point was merely: “Tellus Mater” was female, well and good.

Telluria is NOT “Tellus Mater”, they are a fantasy hero card in a game called Empires & Puzzles that has been known to play fast and loose with “the rules” while following them in a general framework. They are by no means regimented, nor absolutely keep to a particular schedule when it comes to gender.

Honestly, I find Telluria an oddity among oddities because they have so many bits and pieces of both genders, either gender name could apply. There is no “case closed”. :wink:

As I said before:

Telluria: male or female

not to mention that one is goddess of Earth, while the other is god of forest. looks like he cant even read his own source.

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I think of Telluria as a guy with a girl’s name…you know, like “A Boy Named Sue”? :grin:

You do whatever works for you. :slight_smile:


only female peaces are jewelry (certainly not exclusive to females) and cute feline features (matter of preference really). the body frame, the massive horns, the gnarly staff are male. take off the jewelry and put a frown on that face, and there wont be any question that Telly is a man.

You forget the manicure, and the girly way they are showing it off. :joy:

and the obviously waxed arms :rofl: look at those hairy legs and mane-like chest hair which cannot restrained by the armor :laughing:

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I admit the hairy legs give me pause…until I remember that every woman attacks such unseemly hair with a razor and poor Telluria only has a Staff:grin:

(The chest mane question was previously answered earlier in the thread. Read back.) :wink:

Sorry, I still see Telluria as a female.

Dat face. Definitely looks like a woman who is going to take great pleasure in murdering me.

Sure, she’s hairy, with big hands and big arms. C’mon, haven’t y’all ever been to a gym? There are some women there who could pick me up and bend me into a pretzel (and I’m a fairly large guy). And women are certainly capable of growing body hair.

Plus we’re ignoring the fact that she’s not even human, it’s not at all uncommon for female animals to have luxurious body hair and be much larger and stronger than their male counterparts.

All that being said… she’s (or he’s) not human, so what we might consider to be “common gender traits” or whatever do not even apply. And even if he or she was human, there are always exceptions to the so-called “common gender traits”. So it’s impossible to know for sure. And ultimately it doesn’t really matter anyway.

My personal opinion is that it’s a female. But regardless of gender, or species (TBH I’m not even sure whether it’s flora or fauna, let alone gender)… one thing’s for sure: it’s damn scary, whatever it is.

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Do you mean Uriah? Uria is a Hebrew name that is also used as a female name.

Yes, Uria is alternate form of Uriah.

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Robert Eddison WHEN SUDDENLY...! Add the Next Line - A story written by Our Community 📖 again! :wink:

Just to stay on topic - does it matter?

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