Telluria: male or female

It’s a stupid question, but we are still arguing about it. I have my stance, what’s urs?

I use a feminine tense when referring to Telluria (her).

My logic is that they’ve alternated genders every month that I can remember in recent memory (Frida - F, Anzogh - M, Margaret - Female, Ranvir - M, Seshat - F, Miki - Male, Grazul - F, Kingston - M, Neith - F, Grimble - M, Vela - F, Jean Francois - M, Telluria - F)

Edit and Future: April 2020 - Malosi - Male, May 2020 - Clarissa - Female, June 2020 Raffale - Male


Male. The title would be Forest Goddess if Telluria was female


That is the stance that my cohorts have taken as well. However, my rebuttal to you being that you are simply taking a sample of data instead of looking at the whole pack

I agree with you, but their rebuttal is that a god can be whatever they want.


True, but we used to not be able to predict the anticipated Featured heroes during Atlantis Rises, yet based on the recent sample of data we’ve correctly/accurately predicted the featured heroes for nearly this same period of time.

I would like to think E&P especially post Zynga acquisition has a more “predictable” nature in certain things

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So what is ur stance on god vs goddess then?

Not that it really matters in any way shape or form, but I refer to Telluria as him/he - so Male.
But Telluria could be gender fluid …


This is my personal opinion: I believe Telluria is gender neutral or gender fluid. As dubbed “God of the Forest”, a particular gender could be beneath this extraordinary beast & force of nature!


But SG had always used those. Ares is a male God, Athena is a female Goddess. And in most mythologies, the forest deities tend to be male. Female forest deities rarely attain God status


Do U have a screen shot of athenas card stating that? I’d like to use that as further evidence

Highly likely I’m just ignorant of other languages & cultures and their vocabulary, but I assumed they used term “Forest god” because it was easier to translate universally into all E&P languages as opposed to “Forest goddess”.

Concerning older HOTMs like Athena and Ares, I chalk it up to pre-Zynga SGG

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In french it is written Déesse which translated means godess.


I though the media said that male and female doesn’t exist anymore?


If Telly is a male, it sure had some hard time in high school.


If telly is female, where are his panties?? :joy::joy:

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Well, if you really want to be technical about this, a “Telluria” is a type of soil bacteria.

Bacteria are gender neutral.

Telluria the hero is gender neutral. It’s pronoun is “it” or “he/she”.

My opinion: Don’t care.


Anyway I thought that in proper english, animals were reffered to as “it”


Telluria is a female. SG has confirmed before that they alternate the HOTM’s gender . So Vela-female, JF- male, Telluria- female, Molasi- male , Clarissa -female and so on.


Where did they post that??

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